Friday, 25 March 2016

Weekend at my Mums

Haven't posted as many blog posts this week as was visiting my mum and dads up north until Thursday. 

Lily loves seeing my mum and dad and when my dad picked us up at the station she recognised him straight away and reached out her arms to go to him. I always worry that spending months away from them will make her forget but she doesn't which is great.

We had a great week visiting loads of members of the family and we had some great days out. 

Our first day out was to Eureka Science museum. Lily Loved it. You can read about the full day here but I want to post this really good photograph I got of my mum and Lily. 

Lily has a really good bond with my mum. Some days she even wants my mum over me which she never does with anyone else. I think it helps that my mum was there when she was born and also that she takes her every morning when we stay and lets me have a lay in! Thank you mum!!! 

Lily also has a good relationship with my dad. She was really happy to see him when he came home from work and happily sits with him and plays and reads. 

On the Sunday we went out for a drive to St Annes. Was so nice to just jump in the car and be off out. Me and my partner don't drive and so find going out for the day tricky. We took Lily to the park and went to a cafe for a cup of tea, and had a nice stroll along the front. Then headed to the pier that has loads of rides for Lily to play on. She does make the cutest ice cream lady. 

After the nice day at St Annes we went out for tea. We headed to a carvery so then I could put a plate of food up for lily that I know she will eat. She does love her gammon and veg and mash potato. After we had eaten Lily decided that the table needed a clean, she was using her drinks bottle to put down water and then was cleaning up with a tissue. At one point the waiter came over and took her tissue and she wasn't happy, you should of seen her face, she gave him the dirtiest look.
It's here where I notice that Lily has learnt something new. If you say hands on head, she now knows how to put her hands on her head. We all looked pretty daft sat in the restaurant putting our hands on our head though. Haha

This trip was the first trip that Lily really enjoyed seeing my mums Guinea Pigs. She had to go in every day to see them and help feed them.
My mum has 3 of them, and one is blind. On the last day Lily reached out and stroked the blind one on the nose. Guinea pigs make really good pets for children. 

We are always sad to leave but Mum and dad are coming to visit me in a few weeks and we just cant wait.

Hope everyone else had a nice week. 


  1. Love st Anne's -always reminds me of going with mum and dad when we were little

  2. Love st Anne's -always reminds me of going with mum and dad when we were little