Saturday 19 March 2016

Our Day at Eureka - Children's Science Museum

With it being British Science Week this week its only natural that we took a trip to visit one of my favourite children's museums, Eureka! 

Eureka is in Halifax in Yorkshire and so it worked out perfect that I am up north visiting my parents in Lancashire. Its only an hours drive away from here.
Eureka has been one of my favourite museums since I was a child. I remember taking a school trip there and visiting it with my parents. It was so exciting taking my own child there for the first time. 

Today we went with my mum and my cousin and her little boy who is 2. Lily is quite young at 16 months for a lot of the things at the museum but I knew she would still enjoy herself and want to press every button she could find.

One of the things I always remember as a child from Eureka is the man who has a bath that is in the entrance. He drops every half an hour and creates a big splash. We made sure we saw him get dunked into the water.

The first part we headed to was the huge living and working together area. This is practically a huge role play area. It has a house with all the rooms a home would have in it. There is also a garage, a supermarket, a bank and a post office. Lily really enjoyed the kitchen area. She sorted out the vegetables and did the washing, and comically used a cucumber as a telephone and walked around with it to her ear shouting "Hiya".

When we headed to the supermarket Lily really enjoyed filling her basket with all the food. She would carry it around and then pop all the items on the shelves. But she couldn't quite decide if she wanted to be a shop assistant or a shop lifter as she kept walking out the supermarket with the basket full of food. Haha

We spent quite a while at the living section but then headed to the some of the interactive areas. There was the Desert Discovery and the Global Garden and the Sound Garden. This is where Lily got to press lots of buttons and play on computers and look at bright coloured Tv screens which she really enjoyed. There was also the Sound Space which had giant musical instruments to play and a room that played music. Lily had a really good bum wiggle to the tune of Flat Beat.

The Sound Garden was Lily's favourite. It was an area all about things in the garden and the sounds they make. It was a great area for Lily to move around as there was lots for her to do and a softer area for her. She really loved the computer game where she could colour in a butterfly and then press a button to make it fly away. She would wave and shout bye as it flew away on the screen.
There was also a giant honeycomb that you could hear the bees buzzing when you sat in it.

After you are done at all these areas you go upstairs to the main science discovery floor which is the All About Me section. You are greeted by a robot named Zoom that tells you all about the section you are about to see. The robot is different to the one I saw as a child and I must admit I prefer the older one who always had this look that he was thrown together with a dust bin and bits and pieces.
But Lily really loved the new robot talking and was transfixed to watching him speak but she clung to my mum as she watched him. She must have been thinking what on earth is that?

The section all about me is all about your body. It has areas all about each part of your body and even as an adult its a really interesting part of the museum to learn from. It started with an area where you can measure your self and look in mirrors to see your self. It also had scales which made me quite happy to see that I'm 8 stone. Happy post pregnancy moment for me!
I was happy to see that it still had the giant set of teeth which has always been there. Lily knows exactly where her teeth are so we posed by them and showed everyone where they are by pointing to them. 

Lily also found the tongue brilliant fun. It became a slide to her and she kept crawling up it and sliding down. Quite funny as the tongue shouts out YAK or Mmmmmmm as it is touched. 

We had a brilliant day and the great thing about Eureka is that you pay once for a year and can go back as many times as you like. We definitely are planning to go back when Lily is a little older and let her experience it again. I still love Eureka just as much as I did as a child and it will always hold great memories for me and I hope it will be somewhere Lily will gain many great memories to. 


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful day! Eureka is awesome! One of Noah's favourite part is the little shopping centre too! :)

  2. Oh wow what an absolutely amazing looking place to visit - it looks like there is so much to do. x

  3. I've never visited Eureka but it's on my list of places to visit in the next few years. Your little one looks like they had a whale of a time! Love the supermarket :D

  4. I took my daughter to Eureka a couple of years ago and she love all the interactive displays, it is definitely worth a visit x

  5. Your little one is very occupied. Looks like a great place.

  6. This looks such a great place to visit - your photos are gorgeous. We have nothing like this near us, I wish we did! Kaz x

  7. This looks like such an amazing place to visit x

  8. This place looks so good! My friend has been talking about us going with my son in the summer so I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. It looks like there is so much to do

  9. aww it looks fabulous, I have never actually heard of it to be honest. Shame it isn't anywhere near me

  10. Awww this looks like great fun! I don't know how I've never heard of Science week before! xx

  11. Looks like lily had do much fun
    Great day out for you all
    Might take a visit here at spring bank hols