Tuesday 15 March 2016

From Spare Room to Lily's Room.

About 3 months ago we decided it was time for Lily to have her own room. She was just over a year old and we had been putting off moving her due to living in a small flat and not having much space. 
The room we had planned to be Lily's room was the spare room. This room mostly got used for storage. Or more known as the dumping room where things ended up in there when there wasn't really a place for it. 

The spare room was FULL and a mess and we knew we had quite a job ahead of us when it came to sorting it for Lily. But it had to be done. We couldn't put it off any longer. 

So here it is, the spare room. First things to sort were the walls. It had paint coming off and so we removed all the loose paint on the walls. (which is what you can see on the floor.) 

After removing the paint we then moved out some things from the room, got rid of a lot of rubbish and moved the bigger items into the middle of the room. We went paint shopping and found a nice pink that wasn't to over powering for her walls.
The skirting boards and window sill got painted and Chris my partner took on the task of painting the walls. Here it is before the walls had dried just after he had finished that night. 

After the walls were painted the next job was to remove everything from this room into our bedroom and remove Lily's things from our room to her room. Not easy when you live in a small flat with narrow corridors. A lot had to be broken down. 
But a near end to the job was in view and it took a full day of moving things back and forward before we had it all done. We wanted to get it done before Lily's bedtime at 8pm and as you can see from the next photograph, its getting dark already so heading to 5pm already. 

Amazingly we did it and everything was in Lily's room ready for her to sleep that night. We had a set of curtains from our last flat that worked perfectly with the room and they were also ones that kept the light out the room so they went up.
The room wasn't finished and needed some little extra finishing touches. But it was looking good. It was also amazing how much room was in there. 

The next week me and Chris worked on adding the finishing touches to the room and moving the rest of Lily's things into her room. She has a lot of things for a 1 year old. I think its some of the little details that make Lily's room her room. Like the baby sleeping sign, her name up on the wall, and her personalised In the Night Garden sticker from Stickerscape

We fitted nice new light switches and also a new light for her ceiling. I Love her little light, really cute. Im lucky as Chris works for a lighting company so we got it at a cheaper price than it would have been for a customer to buy.

The room was finally finished. I had placed her letter matt on the floor as a little play corner of the room, put in her rocking horse and other toys and we went out and bought a nice bookshelf for her to keep her favourite books and some toys on.
One of my favourite things in her room is her storage seat. I store all her books in there and its where we now sit to read a story at the end of each night.
I can't believe its the same room that looked like a dumping ground. Its actually now the nicest room in the house. Lily loves her room and sleeps really well in it.

And here is is. 

What do you think?

Whats your favourite thing about Lily's new room?

I would love to know your opinions. 


  1. Oh you have done really well. It can be tough sorting things out and I think the room looks lovely! Well done!

  2. Oh wow well done it looks amazing, what a transformation! I really need some of your motivation to sort my daughters room out

  3. aw well done to looks amazing I love revamping and styling the house I bet she loves it

  4. It looks amazing you have done a great job x

  5. My favourite thing is the new light fixture. It is the cutest thing I have done all day and you have done a great job.

  6. What a fantastic transformation! It barely looks like the same room. I think I would have been inclined to lay carpet but only because I'm a wuss with cold floors in Winter.

    1. Aww yeh, we cant do anything like that because we are renting :( I Love carpet in bedrooms to!

  7. Oh I love it - it looks amazing! I love her cot - and the colour of the walls. Well done - I am sure Lily loves it. Kaz x

  8. The room looks absolutely great, you've made such a difference to the space x

  9. It's just pink perfection! What a wonderful changeover you made. Lily will be so happy there.

  10. Wow what a transformation, Lily's room is looking fantastic, well done xxx

  11. What a fantastic transformation! So lovely Lily has her own room too. We only live in a 3 bedroom house so my two youngest have to share a room.

  12. This has inspired me to get then kids room sorted. I love her cute mat and lights.

  13. the room looks lovely, looks like the same shade of pink that's in my daughters room

  14. Wow I can't believe the difference between the before and after photos! Great job with the new room, it looks adorable :)

  15. You have done such a fab job, it looks fantastic

  16. WOW! WOW! WOW! Well done! I can imagine how much work it involved but looks absolutely amazing and cozy!


  17. Aww its lovely. Your spare room looked exactly liked ours before we found out I was pregnant with L! Haha it was just a junk/storage room

  18. Wouldn't think it was the same room
    I love how you've managed to get everything so organised so lily cam see everything and not have to search
    Miffy is just brilliant