Tuesday 29 March 2016

Easter is Over - Time to Eat Chocolate

Last year Lily would have been 4 and a half months old and wouldn't of understood what was happening. She wasn't eating chocolate last year and so received bunny teddy's instead. 
In fact it was this time last year we bought her beloved bunny that she has to sleep with every night. It really is crazy to think she has cuddled that for a whole year now.

(Lily is about 7 months here)

This year I really wanted to do some arts and crafts with Lily but as the week before I was at my mums house we had only 3 days before we went to my partners mums to spend Easter there. Lily isn't the biggest fan of painting yet and so I thought that a nice simple Easter activity would be to decorate egg shapes. Colouring and sticking is one of lily's favourite things to do so keeping it simple was the best for Lily.

Here are the 4 eggs that she decorated. 

Easter weekend itself was at my partners mums house. Its always nice visiting as we also get to see Lily's cousins.
This year we got Lily her first Easter egg which we gave to her on good Friday to save taking it with us. She is to young to understand the Easter bunny yet so I don't think that it really matters at the moment that she didn't receive it on Easter. We got her a Milky Bar one as she does love her white chocolate.
Easter morning Chris's mum gave her the cutest Easter egg. It was a Hello Kitty Egg. Lily was delighted with it and spent the rest of the day carrying it around in the box. 

We did have plans for later in the day to head to a outdoor Easter egg hunt which was unfortunately stopped because of the bad weather. So instead we decided to run to the local shop and buy a few eggs and hide them around the house. We had to guide Lily around but she loved collecting the eggs and putting them into her bag. 

Lily collected up 6 eggs and then decided to organise them onto the table. Another one of her favourite things to do. 

So all in all Lily had a great Easter. So far I haven't given her a lot of the chocolate. She has eaten one gold bear and a few chocolate coins she got. I'm not a mummy that worries to much about chocolate but at the same time she is only 16 months old and I don't want her having to much of it. I think a little bit as a treat here and there is enough and also means all the chocolate she has will last her quite a while.

How about everyone else? Did you have a good Easter?
How much chocolate did your little ones get? 


  1. Looks like a great easter!My daughter got the hello kitty too!


  2. I can't wait till easter. The egg hunts are so much fun!