Friday 26 February 2016

Heavenly Tasty Organics Taste Tester Review - Pumpkin and Banana Wafer Wisps

Just over a week ago Lily received good news that she had been chosen to be a Heavenly Tasty Organic taste tester. We have tried some Heavenly food before and Lily loves her snacks so we were delighted to be chosen. 

Today Lily's snacks arrived. 

There was two packs of Crispy Veggie Waffles in carrot and cumin flavour and sweet beet and shallot. 
Two packs of Wafer Wisps in pumpkin and banana and spinach and apple.
And two Coconut Squishies in strawberry, apple and banana and mango, apple and banana. 

Lily loved looking at the great selection. 

Our first snack we tried was the pack of the pumpkin and banana Wafer Wisps. 

We were heading swimming for the day so I popped them into my bag for later. They come in nice handy snack sized packets so great for on the go. 

After a tiring session of swimming we went to the cafe for a drink and a snack. The perfect time to test them out. I sat Lily on a chair and opened the pack. I handed Lily one and she started to eat it. Suddenly a friend I hadn't seen in a while came over. She started making a fuss of Lily and Lily is going through her stranger danger stage and didn't like it at all. In protest she threw the wafer on the floor. Oh no! Had this friend ruined my chance to test?! For the moment she had, but luckily Heavenly put THREE wafers in their packs! Phew! 

I decided to wait until we left the cafe to try Lily again with the snack. She was sat in the pram and we were on our way home. I gave one to her and she started tucking into it! She loved it and made her Mmmmmmmm sounds that she makes if she is enjoying something. The wafers were easy for her to nibble and not crumbly and so didn't make any mess!  

Here is the test to if she really loved them or not, did she ask for a second one? The answer is YES! Lily points and makes a specific noise when she wants something and so I knew exactly what she wanted. 

Lily finished the second wafer. She obviously really enjoyed them because she finishes off by licking each of her fingers. YUM  YUM 

It was also great knowing that Lily was eating and loving healthy and nutritional snacks with no added sugars, colours or preservatives. 

So over all the pumpkin and banana Wafer Wisps get the thumbs up from us.

We give thumbs up to practicability! 
We give thumbs up to amount! 
We give thumbs up to no mess!
We give thumbs up to nutrition!
And we give thumbs up to taste! 

Please remember that all children are different and your child may not have the same opinion as Lily. But we do recommend that you give these a try.

You can read more about Heavenly Tasty Organics here 

and keep your eye out for our next taste test! 


  1. She is so cute enjoying the snacks and they do sound fab. It's great that she loves eating healthy, it will be so much easier when she grows up to have a balanced diet.

  2. Great review! Lily looks like she really enjoyed those snacks, yum yum!

  3. I think Lily seems to be enjoying these quite a lot and there are definitely some interesting flavours x

  4. Aww what a cutie. Looks like she enjoyed those wafers!
    - Emily from ♡

  5. oh these look really good and she likes them by the look of it mine are ll a bit to old for them now but they do look like something I would of bought

  6. These look so good _ I haven't heard of them. I still give Pickle snacks like this - I love foods with no junk for him. Kaz x

  7. What a little cutie! I love that there are so many healthy options for kids these days - I just wish they'd all been around when my girls were babies. Had to laugh at Lily's 'stranger danger' protest, it's so funny how kids do that, isn't it? x

  8. These look very yummy - I wish they had been around when my kids were younger!

  9. Aw what a little cutie! I love the look of the packaging that these come in xxx

  10. I am not surprised that Lily enjoyed her pumpkin wafers because they look delicious. Well done for being chosen!

  11. These sound unusual but Lily obviously found them tasty.

    Kirsty Fox

  12. My daughter used to love these! x

  13. Ashleigh Allan24 July 2017 at 10:05

    Sounds great lovely pictures

  14. It is so good to find a tasty snack that doesn't have any added sugar or preservatives.

  15. these sound great and lily deffo looks like she enjoys

  16. Wow! Great way to introduce cumin to a child's diet. I love how there are three in a pack for those little accidents where they lose one. Also less packaging by fitting more in a pack