Friday 12 February 2016

Art Contest Winners

For the last 5 days, Lily and I have been holding an art contest on Facebook and Twitter.
We had some really great entries and it was really hard to choose and unfortunately we could only pick 5 winners!
All Winners are in age order.

First up we have this piece of art work that was painted with cotton buds! We love the idea of using cotton buds as a painting tool!
This was submitted by Vicky @loopyloovix on Twitter and the artist is 13 months old.

Our second winner drew this wonderful family portrait. We Love how smiley everyone is and how lovely and creative the outfits are. This was submitted by Anna Elizabeth Butcher on Facebook and done by Elsa aged 3.

Our third winner did this amazing pirate ship from using blow paint pens. We love the waves in the ocean. This was submitted by Daniel Coles on Facebook and the artist is 5 year old. 

Our forth winner did this very cool rocket castle, we love the use of different materials used and think its very creative. This was submitted by Emma Chester @emmasfabulous on Twitter. The Artist is her son aged 6.

Our final winner did this beautiful landscape. We love all the detail that has gone into the tree with the branches and leaves. This was submitted by Rachel Ringwood @rachelringwood1 on Twitter and the Artist is Daniel aged 11. 

Well done to all winners, you have won your child a Mr Maker activity book. 

If you didn't win! Don't be sad. We like to reward all efforts and have made you all a special certificate that can be downloaded and printed. To claim this please send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. 

Thanks for joining in with #ArtWithLily, we will be having future art contests so please keep following the blog. 

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