Monday, 25 January 2016


I thought a great place to start my blogging would be by telling you all about my pregnancy while its still fresh in my mind. Im really keen to blog about this so its something I can look back on in the future.

After two months of trying for a baby I found out I was pregnant. At the time I was away in Paris working on a fashion show as organiser and photographer. I was feeling very tired but I put that down to the fact I was running around working hard. On the morning of Thursday the 6th Of February, I took a Pregnancy test and to my delight it had two red lines, I was so happy and excited and it was so nice to find out while in Paris. I waited until later that day to tell chris and showed him a little pair of socks that said I love paris on them to reveal the news. He was so happy and excited to.

My Friend took this photograph of me the day I found out, normal photograph to most but to me its a special one.

At 8 weeks of pregnancy my morning sickness started, this was the worst part of my pregnancy for me. I was never actually sick, I just felt sick from the moment I got up to the moment I went to bed for 10 weeks solid. Not much would help and the only things that took the edge of would be eating salad, chewing sour sweets and sucking on ice lollies. The worst part about it was the smells, usually the smell of a roast chicken dinner would make my tummy rumble but this time it turned it and made me want to be sick!

At 12 weeks I had my first scan, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen and I couldn't stop looking at the screen. The baby was perfectly healthy and I got some really good images printed to. As soon as I saw those images, I knew it was a girl, I always said.. "she has a girly nose"

After my sickness vanished, my cravings started, firstly it was chip butties (so healthy) and I would go to the burger stand to buy one each lunch time as the guy knew I was craving them and sold them me for £1. Then it was chicken goujons for a month or so, and then Coca Cola for the rest of my pregnancy. I made sure that I only let myself have one can a day though as I hate how bad it is for you.

My Second scan came around and my predictions were right, its a girl! The baby was healthy, at a perfect weight and length, I couldn't be happier.  I had booked for my makeup artist friend to come round that day and paint on my belly boy or girl.

It was a week later and I felt the first kicks while I was on holiday in weymouth. She became super active at night loving the sounds of the arcade and amazingly this is when I saw little bulges appear on my belly from her moving around. It was this week me and chris decided on the name Lily, we saw it on a little dolly and I said, Lily sounds nice, after that it stuck. But we decided we wouldn't tell anyone until after she was born.

As my pregnancy progressed I must say I had a very easy one, not much heartburn, no backache or achey legs, no more sickness, loads of energy. All I had was one ever growing bump.

In this image, the photographer actually caught it on camera when she kicked the bootie from my belly.

Nearing the end of my pregnancy I started to not be able to sleep, I was uncomfortable and my mind was just wide awake, not to mention the trips to the bathroom and the fact she was kicking me and rolling around in there. I did love staring at my belly and seeing a little elbow or a foot poke out.
One thing I did get a lot of was Braxton Hicks and they started quite early around week 30. Mine were never painful but I would get one every five minutes for a whole hour nearing the end and it would just be a feeling of my stomach tightening so tight and going so hard that it felt like it it was made of concrete. I would mostly get them during eating, which made eating uncomfortable.
It was the 7th of November which was my due date, I was huge and was hoping she would arrive at any time, I was wrong and had a whole two weeks of walking around, eating curry, and all the other things you do to try and induce labour, but none seemed to work. So I was booked in to be induced for the 18th of November. 

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  1. Fabulous
    Don't you look different with short hair x

  2. Fabulous
    Don't you look different with short hair x

  3. Lovely journey post The 'It's A Girl' painting it's Brilliant lol

  4. How lovely! I wish I had done this for my twin pregnancy many years ago! :)

  5. I adore the bump pic with the booties on, so cute!

  6. amazing, i wish i'd of done this

  7. Morning sickness is so horrible isn't it. I had Hyperemesis gravidarum and even taking a small sip of water made me throw up. I was so glad when my twins where born and I could actually eat and drink properly again.

  8. I have so many pictures and would love to make a blog your definitely inspiring me ! (I wish I looked as good as you did though haha!) thanks for sharing x

  9. Cute bump!!