Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Baby Born Soft Touch Brother Doll

(ad - gifted) 

Lily has lots of baby dolls but I was really impressed that the Baby Born Soft Touch doll was different to all her others. This doll is designed to be a little more like a toddler and he is so cute! 

Lily was really pleased with him and couldn't wait to get him open. 

He was nice and easy to get out of the box and came with a tippy cup and hair brush. He also came with 2 little bracelets, one for him and one that Lily could wear. 

The first noticeable difference is that he comes with hair. This makes him so adorable and Lily loved getting to brush his hair. 

The other differences between this and the baby dolls is that he can also stand and bend his knee's, meaning you can put him in different positions. All this definitely makes him like a little toddler rather than baby. He is also slight bigger than the other dolls standing at 43cm. 

His outfit he comes with is super cute, plus Lily has found it really easy to take off and put back on. His outfit is a white top with a dog on it with little blue jeans. He also comes with a hat and cute little trainers. 

When I heard that it was a soft touch doll I thought that it would be a full soft plush stomach but it wasn't, he is still solid but with soft feeling skin and he almost feels squeezable. I am struggling to find the words to describe this but he does feel different to normal hard baby dolls. 

This doll doesn't need batteries but he does cry real tears. You fill up his bottle and feed him water by squeezing it into his mouth. When he has drank a full bottle you should be able to make him cry. Depending on how hard you push onto his stomach depends on how much he cries. A slight push makes it more realistic as a harder push really squirts the water out his eyes making it not realistic at all. 

Lily has been playing with her doll loads and she decided to call it Archie. She loves to play mummy and its nice for her to have a doll which is meant to be a slightly older age than newborn. This creates a who new world of role play for her as she pretends to take her doll to the park and teacher her toddler to stand. She really loves everything about this doll.

So if you are looking for a doll with a difference then I would really recommend the Soft Touch Brother Doll. 

He is RRP £49.99 and can be bought from Smyths Toy Store. 

Head to the Baby born website to see more and to check out the sister dolls available. 

Would your little one love this doll?


  1. Oh what a lovely doll! I love that Lily and the doll can wear a bracelet together. I thought I was going to read it have a soft stomach but the soft feel of the body is better. Lovely photos 😊

  2. My Granddaughter would adore this doll!

  3. Wow this doll sounds amazing. My niece would love this.

  4. Nice to see a boy doll, hes so cute

  5. Hes adorable - my great neice will love him so much

  6. These Baby Born dolls sound amazing, perfect for the little mother

  7. Looks like a good investment and many hours of fun for our youngest.

  8. This looks lovely, nice to see a baby boy doll with hair

  9. The doll is really fabulous. They seem to have thought of everything except perhaps stepping out of the pink for girls and blue for boys colour zones.

  10. I think the baby born dolls are gorgeous

  11. I had to laugh when reading that if you press too hard the water squirts out of his eyes. That sounds like a bad horror film!

  12. Looks really life-like!