Friday, 29 November 2019

Japanese Ramen Bowl Set Review

(ad- gifted - Words and Pictures are my own) 

If you love eating new types of food then Sous Chef is probably the place to go shopping. Their website is all about different cuisines and they have lots of products from ingredients to cooking equipment to tablewear. 

I was asked if I would like to review something from the website so I chose to review the lovely Ramen Sets that they have. 

I was sent the Japanese Ramen bowl set, which comes with 2 ladles, 2 bowls, a recipe book and a bag.

I really loved the look of them on the website and was just as pleased with them when they arrived. 

The bowls are a gorgeous colour of blue and have such a nice marble pattern to them. They are super shiny too and just look so beautiful. They are such a good depth and size and they look like they will hold a decent amount of food.

They are really high quality and the shape of the bowl is made especially to hold noodles or ramen. They are brought here all the way from Japan so with these you know you are getting the real deal!

In the pictures I took below you can see the high quality of the bowls and the decent sizing of them. 

The set also comes with 2 ladles which are perfect for Ramen dishes. They are made from natural Bamboo and are also such a lovely colour of wood. They both have really long handles and the wood is so smooth to hold in your hand. They compliment the bowls really nicely and the size of them means you would be getting a decent mouthful of delicious Ramen.

I have never tried Ramen before. But this kit comes with a wonderful recipe book which means that I can now make my own. It tells you how to follow the recipes and also tells you all about the different types of Ramen.

The steps to the recipes look really easy to follow and they all also sound really tasty. It includes 4 different recipes and one is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Ramen sounds perfect for the winter months and I can't wait to get making some.

The last thing to tell you about this set, is that the dishes are dishwasher safe. So if your lucky enough to own a dishwasher (which I am not) then your going to be able to pop them in that to be washed.

The sets are £39.50 to buy and I can certainly say with the quality of them, they are well worth the money.

Head to the Sous Chef website now to pick up a set!

Have you ever made Ramen? Would you concider this set? 


  1. this set is very cool, love the culture

  2. These are beauties - i have some already

  3. Have to be honest never heard of this company but i do like this set,

  4. These bowls are lovely really lile the style

  5. The bamboo flask looks very stylish!