Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Monthly Book Roundup - What we have been reading in July.

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I read to Lily each night with out fail. Story time is so important for settling a child for bed, giving them that extra one on one time plus it will help them with learning to read in the future. 

Lily is a lot fussier with the stories I read her now, and she does go back to her old favourites a lot of the time and as she is at an age where she can start to remember stories, she asks for specific ones. But I do get chance to introduce a few new new books each month, usually around 2 or 3.

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This month she chose a book from her collection plus I was sent 2 books from Walker Picture books to read.

Here is what we read.

1. Little Miss Giggle and the New Job - by Roger Hargreaves 
We just love Mr Men and Little Miss books. So we bought a selection of them from Poundland. This one is all about Little Miss Giggles which seems appropriate for Lily who like most children, is always giggling. The story is about Little Miss Giggles getting a new job in a restaurant. But as the story pans out she doesn't do too well in this job because she keeps offending people by giggling at the wrong times. In the end she finds the perfect job where giggling is very much aloud. I thought the storyline for it was great and Lily really enjoyed it. It is definitely a hot for £1 in poundland.

2. The Pigeon HAS to go to school -  by Mo Willems 
I did find the storyline to this very strange, but Lily seemed to enjoy it. It is a new story that has just come out and is all about a pigeon that is a little unsure about going to school. The pigeon is talking about all his worries and why he is scared to go to school, but then somehow ends up convincing himself that actually school is exciting and he just has to go! I think on some levels it will be a good book for children who are excited about going to school (like Lily is) as she loved hearing all about school. But in my personal opinion i'm a little unsure about those that are scared. I feel it focuses way to much on things children may be afraid of without enough of what is great about school at the end. But for other children who are already at school, I think they would love the cute little cartoon feel to the book and the comedy of the little scardy cat pigeon. This book can be bought on Amazon

3. Red Red Red - by Polly Dunbar
This has to be the best new book I have read to Lily for a while. It is called Red Red Red and is all about a little toddler that gets angry. It is very easily relatable to children who are toddlers or even Lily's age and get angry easily when they don't get their own way. 
The toddler in the story wants a biscuit and can't reach and falls when he tries to get one. It is all about him getting frustrated to not being able to get one. So he gets angry and see's red! His mum comforts him, and teaches him to count to 10 which helps him feel better. 
The book from start to finish is brilliant with the rhyming and Lily actually started to remember some of the words of the story and read them along with me. She very much enjoyed the part where she could join in and count to 10. There is also a part of the book where it says and breathe and they take a deep breathe, which I think is a lovely thing to do before bed to help relax you.
Overall the book was brilliantly written from start to finish and I would highly recommend it. Lily really enjoyed it. 
You can buy this book from Amazon.

Which of the above books would your child enjoy? 


  1. i love the sound of red red red, its great kids can relate to it

  2. My granddaughter would enjoy Little Miss Giggles and the new job!

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  4. Probably :- Red, Red, Red. Could possibly empathise with the Toddler.

    Rachel Craig

  5. The Pigeon HAS to Go to School :- Perspective /s. As we can have our own perspective. Children can often be excited about starting school. As we often speak about it in light of it being part of growing up, we talk positively about childre's growth, etc. The parents are often the ones who are nervous about their children stating school :- Is the child ready? I hope there is no bullying, etc. As parents have previous experience of school / schooling. Children are inexperienced regarding school, yet to learn. Learning / Education is Valued.We talk about our children being clever.

    So I can see (understand) why children can find the story funny / humorous.

    Rachel Craig