Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Lily's Summer Clothes Selection

 It is time for summer again! Which means a nice new selection of summer clothing! 

I have headed to various shops, online and high street to pick up a new selection of items that are great for the summer weather (that we hope to have.)

So I thought I would do a little round up and show you some of them. There are a few that I bought a few years ago and so they may not be still on sale but they generally have other fantastic options in store.

Hope you enjoy looking through and get some summer inspiration for your little one. 

1. New Backpack from Pink Lining
I have always love Pink Lining and had this put away for Lily for a little while now. It has a pocket on the front and side pockets too. With the cutest little doggy design. Perfect for holidays and days out. 

2. T-shirts from Poundland
I love that Poundland is now doing clothing. Although its not £1 its extreamly reasonably priced and all these t-shirts were £2.50 each. I loved the colours and beach themes to them. The orange one you can see the back off in the picture but it also has a little shell with sequins on it on the front. 

3. New Pjs by The Essential One
These Pjs I got a little while ago from the online store The essential One. I think they are really cute with the mouse on the front plus I like that the shorts arn't tiny on the legs and nice and baggy so they are cool and comfy to sleep in. 

4. Summer Bottoms from Primark
I always find Primark great to go to for clothing and this is where I got this years short and crop leggings. Again I could not resist the beach theme to these ones. A pack of shorts are only £4 for 2 pairs. 

5. New Swin Wear
I picked this up from Morrisons last year but it didn't fit lily so I have saved it for this year. The thing I like about this 2 piece is that it isn't bikini length and so covers up the tummy.  

6. New Accessories from George and Primark
Lily really needed new shoes but I really did struggle to find the type I wanted. I wanted the style in the photo but these were literally the only colour I could find in her size. Not that I mind the colour, they are super funky. I managed to find them in George, Asda.
The socks and hair clips are both from Primark. Lily loves unicorns now so these were perfect for her and the clips I love as they are perfect for the seaside themed clothing I have for her so far. 

7. New Dresses
There is a discount store in my town and these were both bought from there. Lily is a huge minnie mouse fan and so she is going to love the minnie dress. I Love the soft colours of the other dress.

8. New Dress\top from The Essential One. 

This was another dress I had put away for Lily from the online store The Essential One. It is going to look really nice with some white crop leggings with it. 

9. Dresses from Primark 

Primark is the perfect place to pick up some cute but casual summer dresses. I got both of these from there for £2.50 

Which above do you think you will get for your little one? 


  1. Probably some T-Shirts to begin with. As it seems to be what they use mostly.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Always forget about Poundland clothes -loving the backpack

  3. Nice colourful :- Possibly Cool Cotton Clothing for Summer weather.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Like the backpack.

    Rachel Craig

  5. A lovely selection. I like the backpack and shoes.
    I had no idea that Poundland now sell clothing. I shall be visiting very soon!

  6. A good selection of clothing for the Summer.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Womderful colourful clothing for Summer.

    Rachel Craig

  8. Pretty and cheerfully coloured comfortable shoes for Summer.

    Rachel Craig

  9. love it all but the little shoes are my fave