Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Easter Chocolate Creations with Num Noms

When you think Easter, there is one thing that comes to mind! Chocolate and sweet treats. 

So Num Noms decided they wanted to Celebrate Easter and so sent us a bundle of Num Noms. They wanted us to create a chocolate treat inspired by Num Noms and so we decided to make some yummy Easter Crispy Cake Nests.

The bundle that Num Noms sent us is all from there new series and are great. The packaging is so colouring and inviting and all remind me of sweet treats.

We was sent - 
2 Mystery Makeup Jars
2 Mystery Party Hair Packs 
2 Sparkle Smoothies 

The Mystery Makeup jars contain some makeup, body spray or nail varnish. We got nail varnish in ours. They are really cute and actually look like characters. So different to the usual Num Nums and actually have bodies this time. They also come with a Lipgloss.

The Party hair packs are very cool. I love the way they are presented in the wrapper, and I love the new element of giving the classic Num Nom some hair. Super cute!

The sparkle smoothies are also a great idea. Inside the tub there is a lipgloss which comes in the shape of a bottle with straw and it has a Num Nom that sits on its lid. The lip glosses are all flavoured. We got 2 mint ones. 

After admiring our Num Noms it was time to make our Crispy Cakes and of corse we needed the Num Noms to give us some support. 

We got some corn flakes and chocolate, bun cases, and then some mini eggs and sprinkles for the top. Many Num Noms have sprinkles on the top so this would be our theme for the cakes to make them like Num Noms are. 

I did the job of melting the chocolate so it was all ready for Lily to do the rest. She then got handfuls of cornflakes and added them to the chocolate. She then mixed them all in until all the cornflakes were fully covered in chocolate. We did have to stop one of the Num Noms from diving into the bowl though. 

Then it was Lily's job to spoon all the cornflakes into the bun cakes. She did this all by her self and did a really good job. She also somehow managed to not eat any of them. She then popped an egg on the top of each of them and then we added the sprinkles to give them that Num Nom theme. 

Last job was to pop them into the fridge so the chocolate could set!

A hour later they were ready and Lily and the Num Noms all agreed it was a yummy treat.

Head to the Num Noms website to see more about the new Num Noms toys.

Will you be making any Easter treats? Why not use Num Noms to inspire your flavours?


  1. They are so cute - hope to make some too

  2. very good idea, we made chocolate rice crispie cakes too but never thot of doing that

  3. Not sure, but thanks for the inspiration. Hoping to enjoy some delicious Easter treats. Local churches have some special Events on for Easter Time, and also we plan to visit family and friends with some edible Easter treats as gifts.

    Easter I consider as a time of New Life :- Given it's religious, faith, historical meaning. As well as it occurs in Spring Time, when new life is beginning throughout nature :- Green leaves on trees, flowers blossoming with lovely colours, birds chirping, lambing season, etc, etc.

    Recent news :- Fire at Notre Dame, Paris, France. One Firefighter injured. I hope the Firefighter is on the mend. My thoughts go with, and to Firefighter, family, friends, etc.

    Notre Dame building itself is famously historic. The News Reports have mentioned that it was undergoing renovation work, which increases Fire Risk. I would expect that there will be an inquiry. As Protection of the Public is an Important ISSUE. If Fire Risk Increased, Public Protection seems to NEED to be Increased, in my Opinion. Particularly when there have been previous fires within historic buildings whilst renovation work was in place at these particular historic buildings. Public Protection, and Public Health are Important ISSUES, and NEED to be Prioritised, in my Opinion.

    Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter!

    Rachel Craig

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  5. The chocolate cornflake cakes / treats look delicious!

    Rachel Craig

  6. That looks like fun must get the grandchildren to try it. Lovely additions to the usual Krispie cakes