Saturday, 2 March 2019

Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies Reveal and Review

I had already seen the Scruff-a-Luvs on a Tv advert and thought they were really cute! I think the concept of adopting an animal and caring it back to full health is such a sweet idea. 

So when Worlds Apart contacted me to see if I wanted to review one of their Limited Edition Blossom Bunnies I just had to say yes. 

There are sometimes reviews that I accept that I am really excited about reviewing and this was one of them. 

Although I had seen the advert on TV for the Scruff-a-Luvs I didn't know what to expect. I was really pleased when it did arrive as the box is so cute and inviting to open. It has a cute fluffy bunny on the front and the colours are really bright and pretty. The shape on the box is set out like a little bag with a handle and so Lily was already really impressed that she could carry it around with her. 

One of the exciting things about the Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies is that it is a total surprise to who you may get. There are 3 loveable bunnies to collect. Lemon Drizzle who is yellow, Posie who is Pink, and Peppermint who is a greeny blue colour. 

The most exciting part for Lily was the build up of who she was going to get inside. The box was really easy to open and so Lily could unbox this toy herself. As she ripped it open she got so excited when it was Peppermint inside and she shouted "its a blue one".

To begin with, Lily was a little confused. Peppermint didn't look like a bunny, but instead looked like a ball. She tried to pull it apart but I explained that now we needed to give it a bath to help it get all unstuck.

So we ran a tub of water with a small amount of bubble bath in, to make it more fun.

Towel at the ready, Lily started to dip her bunny into the bath. Soon it started to be less ball shaped as it unravelled itself to become a lovely little bunny with lovely long ears. Lily got the little brush it came with and while in the bath started to give it a little brush to work through some of the bunny's nasty knots. (something we do in the bath)

As soon as the bunny was full washed, it was time to take her out into a towel. Lily was so careful with this and as she did she was reassuring her bunny that it was okay and wrapped it up in the towel and gave it a hug.

It was really cute to see Lily do role play with the bunny. Lily isn't a fan of baths and always ends up crying when getting out and having cuddles in a towel. So it was so sweet to see her wrapping up her bunny and acting out exactly what happens at her bath time.

Before we could dry it, I needed to make sure that all the bubble bath was out, so I took it to the sink for a bit of a shower.

Next up was drying the bunny. My hair dryer gets really hot and Lily isn't a fan of the loud noise it makes so I took over with the drying of the bunny. This is the part that took the longest and Lily did get a little impatient at times during this. In total it took me a good 20 min to dry the bunny, although I don't think it was fully dry as when we took it out later it still felt wet on its tummy.

But it was dry enough for the next stage which was giving its fur a good brush. Lily wanted to do this part all by herself and I had to teach her to brush downwards to make the bunny's fur look neat. After this was done she placed the tiara on its head and her bunny was all ready for some adventures.

The bunny is so cute and cuddly. It's fur comes out super soft, though I recommend taking its little brush with you on adventures as its fur also gets messed up. It has a cute heart for a nose and the inside of its ears has a beautiful floral pattern. Lily didn't let go of her bunny for the whole weekend. I can tell that they are going to be good friends for a long time.

You can see more about Scruff-a-Luvs blossom bunnies on the website.

They are recommended for 4+ and are RRP £19.99

Which of the 3 bunnies do you think your child would love to find? 


  1. Yellow, Lemon Drizzle.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Effective grooming is important for humans, animals, pets. Seems a nice way to introduce, and encourage personal grooming, pet grooming, empathic caring, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Aww - so cute. Nice to see Lily being so caring with the bunny, what a lovely toy. xx

  4. Peppermint rabbit has lovely colourful ears.

    Rachel Craig