Friday, 4 January 2019

Baby Annabell My Special Day Doll Review

Lily's most play with toys at home are dolls. She is always pushing them around in her prams, taking care of them, giving them love and cuddles. So when I was offered the Baby Annabell My Special Day Doll to review, I could hardly say no!

This doll is a very special doll, it is limited edition and it is to celebrate the brands 20th anniversary.

The doll is beautiful and she comes nicely displayed in her box making her look so inviting for children to want her.

Lily loved her as soon as she saw her and she got so excited. She wanted her out of the box straight away.

After we took her out he box Lily gave her a hug straight away.

She is a really decent sized dolly at 43cm and she has a soft body and plastic arms, legs and head. She is really lovely to cuddle.

The first thing I thought about her was that I loved her pretty little dress. The design of it is a little party dress as it is her special day. It is pink and has a really pretty pattern on. She also comes with the cutest little cardigain and hat. My favourite thing about her outfit though was her shoes which are so adorable.

I really like the look of this dolly, she really does have a cute expression and looks very baby like.

She also comes with a baby's bottle and dummy. You will need 3 AA batteries which are placed into her back. When you place batteries into her and turn her on, she starts to coo, cry and laugh.

Lily though that is was so lovely that her doll made noise and really tried to console her baby when she was crying. Her noises that she makes are really nice and realistic, clear and loud enough to able to hear really well.

Baby Annabell also opens and closes her eyes when the batteries are in and so your baby Annabel will go to sleep. She also sucks on her dummy and bottle when it is placed in the mouth.

When she is moving she does sound very robotic but this didn't seem to bother Lily.

But the functions of baby Annabell doesn't just stop there. She also can really drink from the bottle, cry real tears and also use a potty. These all make her so lifelike and so are perfect for a role play experience for your child.

Baby Annabell also comes with a cute little cake set which is made up of 4 cupcakes with 4 little plates. You also have little decorations that can be placed into the cakes. Lily found most of these easy to push into the cupcakes to decorate them.

The cupcakes just added a whole new role play experience to having a dolly. Lily was loving feeding her baby the cake and also loved singing happy birthday to her. 

Lily has really taken to this doll and has been playing with her loads. I would highly recommend her if your child loves dolls and Zaph Creation have gone all out with this one. 

The doll is recommended for children aged 3+ and is RRP £59.99.

You can buy her from Smyths Toy Stores

What do you think to the Baby Annabel My Special Day Doll? 

£2.50 from the sale of every Baby Annabell® My Special Day doll (RRP £64.99) at Smyths Toys Superstores within the UK from October – April will go towards a donation to Barnardo’s.

For ages 3+


  1. Looks like a great doll. Would be a wonderful prize. Hoping to see some competitors soon on the blog. Happy New Year to Cassie, Lily, family, friends, blog readers.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Sounds a great doll

  3. She's so cute - will be appreciated here too

  4. Lovely looking cupcakes.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Pretty doll.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Beautiful shoes.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Gorgeous doll - we love our baby annabell :)

  8. Great for imaginative play. Encouring a "Caring Attitude ".

    Rachel Craig

  9. I'm not surprised Lily absolutely loves her, I love the outfit, my 6 year old daughter Megan has baby born and cry baby dolls, my 2 year old daughter doesn't have a more expensive one yet, but by christmas she will be 2 years 9 months, I think this will be the one, she likes soft bodied dolls, apart from bath time when she takes Megan's baby born doll xx