Saturday, 29 December 2018

Design a Friend Doll Review

Im so excited to be able to tell you all about a new doll that I absolutely love. She is a Design a Friend doll and is by Chad Valley. 

If you have read my posts before you may know I am a huge doll fan. So as soon as I laid my eyes on the Design a Friend Doll I fell in love. And I was lucky enough to be sent one to review.

I was sent Holly. 

When Holly came in the box the first thing I though was how lovely the box was. Rather than having the plastic on the front that normally lets you see the doll. It was closed into the box and the box had a beautiful design to it. I think this is so nice because it is lovely to open your box to reveal your beautiful doll. She is laid in gorgeous tissue paper and so straight away you know you have got a special doll here. 

Each Design a Friend doll has their own special character. Holly is a blogger just like me. She loves to capture memories with her friends and scrapbooking her fun days out. 

The idea behind the Design a Friend Doll is that she can become your child's best friend. Your child can then get new items of clothing and accessories for her doll and dress her how she would like. 

Holly is stunning, she has long silver hair, and an amazing fashion outfit that looks so cute on her, including shoes that can be slipped on and off. She also comes with a little bag and bracelet and bow on the side of her head. 

The thing I love about the Design a friend dolls is that they are so naturally beautiful. They aren't wearing makeup and don't have their hair in silly styles. I think this is great for girls to look at and to learn that they don't need make up to be beautiful. Also the fact that all the dolls inspire to be something. Holly dreams to one day be a famous fashion blogger. I think it is great for children to grow up and follow their dreams and what a wonderful example to see it in their new best doll friend.

The quality of her is so lovely. Her head, arms and legs are hard but she has a soft body and the plastic of her face is decent quality. Her hair is so so silky soft which has to be my favourite thing about her. But one other thing that is amazing about this doll is her eyes. The detail in them is stunning. I have not enhanced the eyes in any of the pictures and so exactly what you see in the pictures is what you get. 

I would definitely recommend the Design a Friend doll for any child who loves dolls. You won't be disappointed with the amazing quality and the beauty of them.

There are also other beautiful dolls in the collection, such as Ella who is a little girl who just loves school, or Abi who loves exploring and music. You can see more of the range and buy your very own design a friend doll from Argos

What do you like about the Design a Friend Doll? 

Photographs Taken by me @Cassie Mayers and are subject to copyright. 


  1. These are BEAUTIES - been reading all about them - I like their eyes too

  2. Holly is pretty, nice fashion. The brand seems to have great variety within its range of products.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I like the way that dolls have evolved and become more realistic and connected with modern life. Who wouldn't want to own the lovely Holly the blogger?

  4. Doll :- Colours coordinated very well.

    Rachel Craig

  5. They look good and good you can get accessories

  6. She's so adorable - just what my daughter likes to play with

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  8. beautiful doll! loving the outfit, they look so realistic now! xx