Thursday, 14 June 2018

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Series 3 Review

Lily has always loved the larger Hatchimals, but her new love has to be the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. she has always loved collecting things and so these little cuties are just a nice new thing to collect.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles series 3 is now out and so we were lucky enough to be sent some from Spin Master to review. 

We were sent a brilliant bundle witch surprise packs and larger packs with 12 Hatchimals inside. 

Lily was super happy when she saw the bundle. She just could not wait to open them up. She has had a few surprise bags before and so knew what they were all about. The surprise bag was the first thing she wanted to open. 

The one single surprise blind bag is £2.99 and you get one Hatchimal inside an egg. Lily ripped it open straight away to see which one she got. 

After she has opened it and found a cute little Hatchimal inside, she wanted to open more. So I gave her the large dozen egg carton, which is £24.99 and has 12 Hatchimal inside, and also gave her the mini 2 pack egg carton which retails at £4.99.

I love that these come in egg cartons, its such a nice way to be presented and Lily loved opening them up to reveal the eggs inside. 

Inside, there are 10 eggs and 2 little extra Hatchimals that aren't inside eggs. Each egg has a cute little Hatchimal inside and also each egg is covered in coloured speckles and has a heart on the front. 

The different coloured speckles are to show which group the Hatchimal inside belongs to. So you could have purple speckles for the Jungle set, or you could have a pink one from the Garden set. You can find out which Hatchimal belongs to which set by looking on the little collectors leaflet that comes with each set. After seeing which set the Hatchimal comes from its then time to open it. 

First you need to rub the little heart on the front, you will soon see that it changes colour. When it has changed colour this means your Hatchimal is ready to hatch and you press in the little heart to crack open your egg. Lily did struggle with the initial first crack of the egg, so I did this for her, and then she pulled off the rest of the egg to be able to pull out each Hatchimal. As she did this, her face was brilliant and she said "wow", and "awww" to each on she found. 

I then let Lily have the last lot of eggs. This was a 2 pack with a nest and a 4 pack with one bonus character. The 2 pack is RRP £4.99 and the 4 pack with bonus character is £9.99. Lily was super pleased she had even more eggs to open!

Inside the eggs, you also have a chance to hatching Twins and there may be 2 little Hatchimals in one egg. We were really lucky to find some that had 2 in one egg which Lily was delighted to see. 

After you have opened all of your Hatchimal, you can then check them against the check list on the little leaflet that comes with. Under each picture of the Hatchimal there is a little wings symbol, and the wings symbol colour determines if the Hatchimal is common or rare or ultra rare or limited edition. We ended up getting some rare ones and a limited edition one which we was very impressed with.

The Hatchimals are so cute and the little nest that comes in one pack is a great place to sit your Hatchimal in. Lily's collection looked great when we put them all together.

My favourites were the really colourful ones, and some were also just so adorable too. 

Then there is even a FREE app to download, where you can hatch new hatchimals over at Hatchtopia which has different areas to explore! Then when you’ve hatched them, you need to look after them, keep them happy, and play with them. It sounds great fun!

These toys are aimed at 5+ but Lily absolutely loves them and wants more. They can be bought at most toy retailers and if you want to find out even more about them then head over to the Hatchimal website.

Would your child enjoy collecting these?


  1. Absolutely. Cute little characters, and lots of variety. Will be browsing and checking out availability.

    Rachel Craig

  2. The eggs with the Purple Heart on, look so cute. Purple Heart is that the name of an award (? Medal) given for bravery. Nice to get a surprise regarding which CollEGGtible is inside, to keep and collect.

    Rachel Craig

  3. These are great fun . My son loves them.

  4. Love you nest, great for little chicks. Wondering if the product range will extend further. As nice for little ones to play and store these tiny cute toys as family units in an appropriate environment. Such fun for the children, easily portable for taking to Gran's etc.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Lily' s face says it all ! Cant wait to we get some too

  6. What incredible fun these are. I particularly love the egg carton idea. Have added to my Christmas shopping list. Thank you!

  7. Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Fathers Day!

    Rachel Craig

  8. These look so much fun, my daughter has been asking for them herself!