Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Baby Secrets Review and Giveaway

There is one type of toy that always goes down well with Lily and that is anything that is baby related. She thinks there all so cute and she just loves playing the caring role. 

So when I got offered to review the new Baby Secrets toys, I just had to see what Lily would think to them.

A wonderful bundle turned up and just as I thought she would be, Lily was super excited to see babies.

She was so happy that she even posed for a picture for me. 

We were sent 2 baby secrets packs that both came with baby's, a surpise baby in a bath and an accessory. Which happened to be a rocking horse and a pram.

We were also sent some additional surprise single packs.

Lily was so excited to get them opened and wanted to open all the bath tubs first. She found it so exciting that she didn't know what baby she would find inside. She ripped open the packets and said Awwwww at each baby she found inside. The packets wern't to hard to open after you got the plastic off and so she could do that bit herself. 

Inside, was a baby, a collection sheet and a birth certificate. 

On the birth certificate you can write the baby's name, date of birth, parents name and if they are a boy or a girl.

There is a very fun way of finding out if they are a boy or a girl and that is via the nappy. You fill up the bath tub, dip in your baby, and the nappy will change colour. If its a girl it will turn pink, and if its a boy it will turn blue. We got some doubles in our packs and so it was great that one ended up a girl and one a boy. Lily and I found this such a fun way to find out the sex of the baby.

We then opened the main packs which also had surprise bath tubs to open. Lily loved all the little babies and there arms and legs also move which makes them even better. I thought they were great quality and designed really nicely.
In the accessory packs, there was a pram and rocking horse. The prams wheels move which is brilliant and the rocking horse rocks which is great. Lily really loved that she had these to use with her babies.

After we had opened them all up we had a brilliant collection. Lily really loved playing with them and I could hear her making little conversations and making them cry which she then would say "its okay baby" and take care of it. 

On the collection leaflet that they come with, it tells you how rare or common each baby is to find.

I think these are so good to collect and I would definetly be buying more mini packs for Lily to add to her collection. 

The accessory packs are £12.99 and the little mini packs are £2.99.

Head to the Baby Secret website to find out more about them. 

I now have a special prize to give away to one lucky winner. You could win 10 mini mystery packs! For your chance to win, enter on the gleam app below.
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  1. If it a boy my daughter will call him Mushroom and Rosie if it's a girl 😀

  2. My four year old would love finding out the sex and playing with the accessories! So cute!

  3. Bill and Ben or Rosie and Mia or combo of any!

  4. Tammy and Leon, possibly.

    Rachel Craig

  5. My daughter would call her baby Lottie

  6. Nature names have appeal to me so perhaps Erigeron and Blade.

  7. Skye for a girl, Luca for a boy

  8. My daughter would call her Lily - it's her best friends name.

  9. I'd call mine Isabella & Aidan after my children :-)

  10. Ava for a girl, finn for a boy

  11. Cinnamon, apparently lol! She has a great imagination!