Wednesday, 25 April 2018

13 Reasons Why You Should Take up Pole Fitness!

If you have been following my mid month more about me posts, you would have seen that I have now taken up pole fitness. I must admit, apart from the odd bruise here and there, I am loving doing pole fitness. Its fun, and it is doing a great job for my body and strength. So I though I would list for you 13 reasons why I think you should take up Pole fitness. 

1. Increase your Self Esteem - 
As soon as you start pulling out the moves, the first thing you will do is feel great about yourself. You have totally made an achievement and not to mention you will start to feel better about your body. 

2. Increase Strength - 
You would be surprised how fast your strength builds up with doing pole. That first week you may not feel like you have the power but each week you will notice yourself getting stronger and stronger. 

3. Willingness to Take Chances - 
Pole fitness is all about pushing yourself to do something ( a move perhaps ) that you don't think you would be able to do. But as soon as you do push yourself and take that chance, and then realise that you can do it. Your whole outlook changes and you will start to believe that you can start to take more chances in life. 

4. Making New friends and Becoming Part of a Group -  
One of the things I have found from taking up pole fitness is that I have a whole new bunch of friends and we all have one thing in common, the love the pole! It is really nice to be a part of a group and have somewhere that you belong. We have group sessions at times called a "jam" and this is a great opportunity to socialise, help each other, support each other and have fun working together to get fit. 

5. It Builds Muscle -
Of corse with increased strength comes the increased muscle. I am often pleased to come home from pole and notice I have some little muscles showing on my arms, and that all my other muscles are starting to be firmer and stronger. 

6. It Tones your Abs - Oh yes it sure does! I have noticed a huge difference in my abs compared to week 1 of doing Pole Fitness. I am really looking forward to keeping it up and having them look even more toned. Lots of moves on the pole work on the abs, even simple pull ups can help. 

7. Increases Flexibility -
I have always been quite a flexible person, but I have definetly noticed the more I am pulling moves out on the pole, the easier flexing is getting. I can now touch my toes no problems and I find that I ache less when doing so. I can also straighten my legs more on split moves (although I am miles away from doing the actual splits.) The more you work at it, the more your body will be flexible.

8. Improves Co-ordination - This is one that I do struggle with myself, but pole does take a lot of co-ordination and moving your body in certain ways to be able to pull out the tricks. I can definetly notice a difference to week one when I started and so I can safely say it does improve over time. 

9. Freedom of Self Expression - Pole fitness can also be seen a performance and I think that if it is something you want to do then you can do it. I think it is a great way to show off something that you can do and also something to call your own. It is great to be able to impress yourself as well as impress the others around you. 

10. Redefine how you see Yourself - This is such a great workout for things such as self belief. I love to look at the photographs of myself after and think. I did that! If I can do that then I can do anything. It is super empowering and I believe you do come away looking at yourself in a more positive light. It is a great way to hold your head up high and feel good about yourself. 

11. Burns Fat - 
I sometimes think that burning fat can be related to things such as running around. It is surprising but pole fitness is actually a great way to burn fat. It is a full body work out and you are using every part of your body. It takes a lot of energy, effort and there have definetly times when I have felt out of puff from doing some moves. Can I see a difference in my weight? YES I CAN! I am not actually watching my actual weight as I am slim anyway, but I have definetly shifted some fat in some of the areas that I didn't like seeing it. 

12. Releases Endorphins - 
Endorphins, the happy hormone! After a really good work out on the pole. I feel great! It has been brilliant for my moods and I totally see a shift in them after I have done a work out. Thats why for me when ever I get the chance to do it, I do and feel much happier for doing so. 

13. Its FUN!! - 
Last but not least! Its fun!! I have never really been interested in fitness up until I took up Pole and now I can't get enough of it. Spinning around a pole and pulling out some cool moves is super fun and I also have a real good laugh at myself for sometimes not pulling out a move too. You really can't beat it!

So, Do you think you will be giving Pole fitness a try?  



  1. No. For me : - Unable to, due to health concerns. Good that a range of sports and exercise is available. Doe Lily get the opportunity of exercise as part of her time at Nursery? As I believe that Prince William and Kate are Ambassadors for Sports. Therefore I would expect that exercise opportunities for children and adults may increase. By remaining active, quality of life can be improved :- Which you touch on with your reasons for trying out pole exercise. Variety is the spice of life. For me swimming, walking are the exercises of choice and benefit to me.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Many years ago i did
    Totally agree with the benefits- i can still do a few of the moves !!

  3. It definitely does look fun but I would be afraid of looking silly :( I'm not in good shape

  4. Looks good but I’m 2 heavy for all that lol

  5. I'd love to try something to help me get fit but I don't know if my back would cope as I suffer with it quite a bit

  6. Looks good not sure I've got the body for it lol ��

  7. Looks fun but I doubt I have the flexiblity to do it at my age!

  8. My brother actually teaches pole fitness classes 😁 (yes a male pole teacher)

  9. I would land on my head and break my neck lol. Looks good fun though

  10. would be great for fitness. Not so supple now I am older

  11. I have a bad back so I don't think I could

  12. In theory it looks very good for you, but don't think I could manage it...

  13. Definitely something to have A go at after losing 4 stone since february 2017 i feel much fitter And healthier, this could help me tone up 😊

  14. Not sure I would be any good!

  15. Margaret Clarkson
    It looks great for many people but I will stick to walking and gardening.

  16. I wish I was so flexible CHERYL HADFIELD

  17. I think that I'm probably several decades too old to do pole! But I'm glad you're enjoying it and that through it you've got some new friends.