Friday, 9 March 2018

Olverum Bath Oil Review

The first thing that I will say is that I am super fussy about what I put into my baths. I have sensitive skin and so at times when I have put things like bubble baths into my water before they have given me irritations. So bath oils are not something I would normally rave about. 


Recently I have been trying one that I really want to rave about. At Christmas I was sent some sample sized bath oils from Olverum to try and also feature in my gift guide. I am always very sceptical about wether to try something or not, but my partner actually beat me to using it and as soon as I smelt the scent of it coming from the bath room I just knew I just had to try it.

I fell in love with it instantly. The scent it gives off is so relaxing, the only way I can describe it is like taking in a big deep breathe of calm. You really only need a tiny bit of oil for it to give off an amazing scent that just helps you unwind and breathe easy. It is perfect to ease the tension for those stressful days bringing your mind and body back to its restored self. I also found that it was amazing on the days I had a cold. 

I had 3 bottles of the oil sent to me at Christmas, enough for 9 baths, 3 baths per 15ml bottle but I actually managed to get a lot more out of them and was probably looking at 4 baths with the amount I put in. The oil is highly concentrated and so only 5ml at the most is needed for your bath. 

One concern about bath oils for some people is that they may leave your skin with a greasy residue but as long as you use the instructed amount then all the oil is absorbed into the skin and no residue is left behind. My skin felt lovely and soft after a bath in Olverum. 

As I am sure you could of guessed. I didn't have any reaction to Olverum which really pleased me as it means I have finally found something I can happily put into my bath without worry. 

In return for this review, Olverum recently sent me the travel set which comes presented in this lovely gift box which you get three 15ml bottles inside it. I love the little bottles, the design is so simplistic but yet shows how good quality the oils are. 

So now that I have told you all about how amazing these oils are, let me tell you about what it is that actually makes them so great.

Olverum has a unique formulation of carefully selected plant extracts that all have their own traditional therapeutic properties. Some of these plants include Lavadin, Eucalyptus, Geranium and many more. You can read all the plants included and why they are used on the Ingredient section of the website.    

I just love that the oil is made so naturally. Knowing it all comes from plants and that it is natural is such a positive thing as I know its going to be amazing for my mind and body. I really would recommend that you give Olverum a try. 

You can buy Olverum in 2 sizes and also the travel set. 125ml which is £29.00, 250ml which is £53 and the travel set is £19.00. These can all be bought from the Olverum Website.

What do you think about Olverum? Is it something you would like to try? 


  1. Ahh! I love this stuff! I tried it a few months ago and I was very surprised with how much I loved it. x

  2. We used Olverum a few times, it is great :) I'm probably going to buy it again soon as my skin is very dry x

  3. Love this range - leaves my skin silky smooth