Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Easy Tots EasyMat Review and Giveaway

Wether it be entertaining your kids, feeding your kids, or cleaning your kids. Items that help our days spent with our children easier are something that we are all on the look out for. 

So when I was approached by Easy Tots to review their EasyMat, It was very hard to say no to.
I was told that I was getting sent a Large EasyMat and a EasyMat Mini. There was a choice of colours, Green, Blue or Pink in the large EasyMat and Orange, Blue or Pink in the EasyMat Mini. 
I decided to choose green and orange. I like that there are these options of colours as I like Lily owning a range of colours.

When they arrived they looked great. Lily was really excited to get them open and get using them. 

Though the image on the front of the box shows a baby. The EasyMat is also great for toddlers and children Lily's age. The design is super friendly with its happy face look. Also the fact that it has 3 split area's that different foods can be placed in is a huge bonus. I knew just from looking at them that we would use them lots. 

The EasyMat is made from a Silicone material and has 4 suctions that mean you can stick your mat to a highchair or table. This is making sure that your baby or child cannot pick up the plate and spill their dinner everywhere. This is really great for baby lead weaning so then you can let your baby feed themselves without the worry of mess. Everyone has seen those pictures of babies with the bowl of spaghetti on their heads and although its funny the first time, its not great for every meal to be that messy. This is why the EasyMat is perfect. 

The suctions stick to most things but you may struggle with it sticking to some unfinished woods, we had no problem sticking it to our finished wood table.

The mat has such a sleek and smooth appearance to it, it looks really nice and the large mat also comes with a silicone spoon. The spoon is really soft and so perfect for a babies first spoon. Especially as babies do love to chew down on something as they put it into their mouths. 

I love how colourful the matts are. This really will encourage you baby or child to want to eat from them. Lily has been super pleased each time I have served her dinner inside it. 

Lily has always been fussy with having her food mixed together and even on a plate that wasn't sectioned I have had to make sure her food is spaced out. So the fact that this has sections is brilliant. Lily has started to enjoy dipping her food into gravy. So it has been great to be able pour the gravy into one section so she can dip what she wants in, without having to worry about the gravy going on the food she doesn't want it to.

All in all the large EasyMat was a big hit with Lily. I can see us using it a lot for her meal times. 

As well as the large EasyMat there is the EasyMat Mini, I was really impressed that it came with a lid and storage bag. This means that it can be taken on the go. Perfect for the picnic area of a museum or feeding your baby in a cafe. We haven't had the chance to use it out anywhere yet. All the places we have been it has been frowned upon for me to take Lily's own food, but I know in the future there will definitely be times we will be able to use it. We are planning a trip to a local science museum soon and it will be perfect for that. 

The storage bag seals up airtight with a slider at the top which means it isn't going to come undone when transporting it.

The EasyMat Mini works just the same as the large mat. It is made of the same material and also has the handy suctions so it can stick to tables. We have been using this one for lunches. It is perfect again for dividing the foods up meaning she doesn't get juice from her apple on her other foods. Placing foods into the different sections seem to really excite Lily and that encourages her to want to eat more. 

Here are a few more details about the EasyMat
  • It's made from High Quality Food Grade Silicone 
  • Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe 
  • Free from Chemicals 
  • Can be used in the Freezer 
  • Large Mat Size - Length : 38cm, Width : 26cm
  • Mini Mat Size - Length : 32cm, Width : 17.2cm 
The Large Mat is £15.99 and the Mini Mat is £14.99 these can both be bought from the EasyTots Website

If you are just starting your feeding journey with you baby or are looking for a fun way to serve food to your child then I would definitely recommend you look at getting yourself an EasyMat.

Now time for a competition? Easy Tots have let me give away one of each mat to one lucky winner. For your chance to win, Enter below on the Gleam app.

Win an EasyMat Bundle


  1. They are easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher x

  2. I've loved the look of these for a while for my daughter. Look so lovely and practical when you go out for a meal.... you never know how clean the tables really are!

  3. Easy to wipe clean

  4. I like that it sticks to the table or high chair

  5. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

  6. Margaret Clarkson
    Useful and easy to clean

  7. Child friendly and practical, great when out and about as well

  8. free from chemicals

  9. it's practical and can go in the dishwasher

  10. This is such a great competition for A GREAT PRIZE

  11. Its free from chemicals, wonderful !

  12. I like that they are dishwasher safe

  13. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe

  14. I don't have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  15. The design and airtight storage bag is hygienic

  16. That it doesn't slip, my daughter is forever pulling her plate off the table!

  17. Seems very practical, useful for when on outings :- Such as picnics, visit to friends and relatives, etc.

    Rachel Craig