Monday, 12 March 2018

5 Fun, Cheap things to do with Kids during the Easter Holidays

When it comes to school holidays we are all wondering what things we can be doing with the kids. It can be expencive to keep going on days out and not all of us are away on holidays. So you may need to plan plenty to do at home.

Here is a list of things that could be great to do over the Easter period but not break the bank. 

1. Lego Fun 

There is so much you can build with Lego and you could spend hours getting really creative with what you could build. Or why not even give your kids lego challenges where you time them to build something, or give them themes of things to create. Lego doesn't have to be expencive to buy and there are plenty of places that sell cheap lego

2. Baking Krispy Cakes 
Yum, Krispy Cakes are my favourite and I love to make them during the easter period. They are so easy to make and it doesn't cost much to buy some cheap cornflakes and cheap bars of chocolate that you can melt. It's a nice easy activity that even a child as young as one can join in with. Also as no oven cooking is involved your older children can make these all by themselves from scratch. 

3. Painting Eggs
Most of us with children will own paint in our houses. So all you need to do now is buy some eggs. you could buy real ones, cook them hard boiled and then paint them, or some shops sell fake eggs or polystyrene eggs if you don't want to be wasteful of food. Then get your kids to decorate them in what ever designs they would like. It is an activity that is going to cost you £1-£2 at the most. 

4. Go for Walks 
Hopefully the weather has finally gotten a little better and you can head out of the house. This is the perfect time to go for some nice walks. There are plenty of activities to do on the walk that don't cost a penny. Such as create a list of Spring items you may expect to see while your out, then go hunting for them and tick them off your list. 

5. Take a look for Nearby Activities
Take a look at your local churches, play groups, and also your local park notice boards to see if they have any fun things happening over the easter period. You will be surprised when you hunt for them what things are happening in your area and some are even free to join in with. 

Do you have plans for your Easter Holidays? 

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  1. The walks definitely as we have a scheme in our area where everyone is decorating items and hiding them for each other to encourage kids to get out and about more x

  2. Cheep cheep great fun for us all thanks

  3. Will spend time with family at Easter.

    Rachel Craig