Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Joie Elevate Group 1/2/3 Car Seat Review

Car seats are the one essential thing that is needed for all children and now recommended that children have a seat up to the age of 12. Lily has just hit 3 years old and is currently in a seat that goes up to 4 year olds. But that said she does like to be a little more upright and tries to sit up more in that seat. It was starting to be a little too reclined for her. 

Luck would have it that Kiddies Kingdom who have a great range of baby travel systems for sale offered us one to review. 

We were getting sent the Joie Elevate Group 1/2/3 Car seat to review and it was perfect as it goes from 1 year old all the way up to 12 years old. 

I chose the car seat in cherry red as I knew that Lily would like that. I also think it looks nice to have a little colour on it. When it came it was a nice size. I have seen some car seats of this type be a little to big and look a little more like a racing car seat than a baby seat but this one is just right. 

The seat came in 2 pieces but was very easy to put together. Whenyou have attached the top to the bottom of the seat and you have slotted the drinks cup holder in the side, it is ready to go and can be installed into your car. 

This is the part I usually dread and can never figure out how to do. But it was actually quite easy. You pull all the seat belt through the back of the seat, clip it into the car, pull it tight and then there is a red holder you put it through and secure in place. The instructions probably explain it a little better than I have. 

When it was in the car it looked great. 

The car seat was fitted very sturdily and I did a pull check to make sure it did not move. We tried Lily into the car seat and the straps didn't need adjusting luckily but then they can be if needed. When she was strapped in I pulled them a little tighter onto her and she was ready to try out her new seat. 

She was so happy to be getting a new seat and had a big grin on her face. She looked so grown up sitting in her new car seat and I think she definitely loved being upright. The car seat seems comfortable enough, though it isn't the most padded one I have seen on the market. But I asked her if she was comfortable and she said yes. 

We set off for a short drive into town. Lily really liked to grip hold of the handles at the side. I expect she isn't used to it being so upright and open yet so they made her feel a little safer. It is great that they have them there for her to hold onto. She also loved that she had a drinks holder. On this occasion we didn't have a drink to put in there but when we used it on the way home we had a carton of apple juice which we placed in there. That element of the seat is going to be really handy for long journeys. 

Now looking at Lily in the car seat you do wonder how a 12 year old would fit it. The head of the seat actually extends upwards in 9 different position heights so then it gets taller as your child does. That said it does only go up to 36kg and you can only use the straps up to 18kg. As for putting a 1 year old in it, I myself wouldn't want too. It is personable preference but I feel a one year old needs to be a little more reclined and feel a little more secure. They wriggle more and I would feel better if they were in something smaller and more fitting.

This car seat is RRP £59.95 and you can also buy it in a black and grey colour. 

What do you think to this car seat? 


  1. It sounds like a great car seat, Megan has one like this as she's 5 now, we have just replaced there's with frozen car seats which they love xxx

  2. It certainly looks comfy! And smart and secure too!

  3. We need a new car seat actually as my daughters Princess one is looking a bit drab now!

  4. that looks fab. cute photos as well!

  5. Nice.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Lily looks comfortable sitting on the child car safety seat.

    Rachel Craig

  7. looks like a nice comfy car seat :) my daughter needs a new one!

  8. They have changed so much since mine were young. Inspecting our Grandsons the other day. Amazing