Monday, 9 October 2017

Yeti in My Spaghetti and Bunny Jump Game Review

Lily is such a big fan of playing games and i'm really glad as now we have moved to the north of the country, we are experiencing many more rainy days. I am now wanting to start a collection of games for Lily that we can get out on those days so when I was offered to review 2 games from University Games I jumped at the chance. 

Talking about jumping, one of the brilliant games we got sent has a very jumping theme. It's called Bunny Jump and the idea behind the game is to be the one who has collected the most carrots before the rabbit jumps up into the air. 

The second game we got sent is called Yeti in my Spaghetti. The idea behind this game is to try and not let the yeti who is balancing on the spaghetti fall into the bowl. 

The first game that Lily chose to play was Bunny Jump. Inside the game there is a plastic mound of soil, this is the base for the game. You then have a very cute but wacky looking bunny, 12 carrots, a spinner and 4 coloured baskets. 

To set up you place all the carrots into the holes of the burrow, and then you place the rabbit on top. You need to push down quite hard and wait to hear a click to keep it in place. You then get a basket each which you must fill. Lily and I had 2 baskets each as there was only the 2 of us playing. 

You take it in turns to spin the spinner and then there are different options of play depending on where the spinner lands. You could land on skip a turn, take a carrot away from your basket, pull out one carrot or pull out 2 carrots. 

You take it in turns collecting the carrots and eventually you pull one and the rabbit jumps out from its burrow into the air. The carrots are really easy to put in and pull out of the burrow. You then count up your baskets and the one with the most carrots is the winner. 

Lily really enjoyed this game and the only thing she didn't understand was that when the bunny had jumped out, that was the end of the game. Most of the time with her we just placed the bunny back in and carried on playing. Her favourite part was making the bunny jump and she squealed with laughter every time it did. She seemed to have way more luck at this game than me as seemed to end up with the most carrots. I kept having to skip my turn.

We played the game quite a few times before she gave up with it, and thats quite good for Lily as sometimes she may only want to play a game once before getting bored. 

Some pro's and cons about this game are that the quality is really good, the carrots made of a really thick plastic and the rabbit a softer material. Which is great so it doesn't hurt if it lands on us. But one thing that I did think that was wrong with the game was how sensitive the rabbit was, you had to be careful when pulling out a carrot that you didn't accidently touch the rabbit as it would trigger it to jump before it was meant to. 

After playing this game we tried the Yeti in My Spaghetti one. This game comes with a yeti, a bowl and lots of spaghetti pieces. You place the spaghetti pieces in a criss cross sort of fashion over the top of the bowl. When they are all on you place the yeti on top. 

You then take it in turns to pull out a piece of spaghetti from the bowl and hope that it doesn't make the Yeti fall. Lily wasn't brilliant at this game as she was a little too heavy handed and always seemed to go for the middle ones. So it only lasted a few turns before the yeti fell into the bowl. But I think an older child may be able to grasp the concept of trying to pull ones that won't make the yeti fall and the game will then last longer. 

Lily found funny each time the Yeti fell and was in fits of giggles. Especially at one point where it fell but hung onto some spaghetti with its feet. 

This game is lots of fun and we really enjoyed playing it, it was another game we played a few times over and over. 

Yeti in My Spaghetti is £14.99 and recommended for ages 4+.  

Bunny Jump is £21.99 and recommended for ages 5+ although Lily is only just about to turn 3 and she really understood the game and played it well. So I wouldn't let the age range put you off buying it. 

Which of the 2 games do you think your child would love? 


  1. My kids would love the Yeti in My Spaghetti game

  2. Looks like they are lots of fun

  3. Choosing a suitable boxed game for the children's stockings at Christmas is always a challenge so I appreciate reviews. I think they would like the Yeti in my Spaghetti.

  4. Bunny Jump.

    Rachel Craig

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  6. She would also love bunny jump they both seem fun

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  9. Looks like lily was enjoying the spaghetti game

  10. I think she would like the Bunny Jump

  11. My daughter has asked for the bunny jump game but I think she would enjoy yeti in my spaghetti too xXx

  12. My kids would love the Yeti in my Spaghetti game

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