Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween Crafts - Spooky Halloween Faces

Happy Halloween!!!! We have had such a good fun for the build up to today. Making spooky potions, monster pictures and then finally making some spooky halloween faces to stick up as decoration. 

These are so easy to make and Lily really enjoyed making them. 

The instructions to make these are so simple its going to be mostly pictures you see. 

But to start you need to get some paper plates, paint, glue, a felt tip and coloured foam. 

Firs thing you do is choose your characters. You can make all sorts of spooky characters. We decided to make frankenstein, a witch, a pumpkin, a devil, and a cat. 

Get your paints ready and then paint the entire paper plate the colours you need. So we did 2 green, one orange, one red and one black. Lily really enjoyed painting these. I also quizzed her on somethings, like asking her "what colour are pumpkins" which she replied orange. 

After they are all painted, you will need to leave them to dry before doing the second stage. 

When they are dry, its time to decorate. 

You can be as creative as you want with what you stick onto the faces. You could do smiles, frowns, fangs, big eye brows, small eye brows and so on. 

For this part, I did the cutting and Lily did the sticking but if your child is a little older they will be able to cut the shapes for themselves. You may also want to draw on the foam to give the shapes more details, like teeth. 

Lily is quite good at knowing where to stick the eyes and mouth but needed a little direction for a few things, such as the witches spot on her nose (that I drew) and the bolts for Frankenstein. Lily did most the sticking on the faces but got a little bored to the end and I finished off the cat. 

After they were all stuck down, they made such great faces. We had so much fun making these and they were so quick to make with little resources needed. 

After you have finished the faces, you could do what we did and attach them to string so they can be hung up on the wall. I used tape but a few days later and they have all fallen down. So you may need to re think that one as they may need something stronger.

Which of the faces do you like?

What face would you make? 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Spooky Potion Making With Learning Resources

Its Halloween tomorrow! We are so excited that we have already been doing some spooky activities. 

As you know, Lily's Little Learners is not just about having fun, it's all about children learning through play. We often work along side Learning Resources and their toys to help make this possible. So when Learning Resources gave us the challenge to make a spooky witches potion while using their Fine Motor Tool set, we got out our cauldron and rose to the challenge. 

The Helping Hands, Fine Motor tool Set is made up of 4 tools. They are all different so children have to figure out how to use their hands to make them work. By squeezing, pinching, scooping, dropping, grabbing, this set will really help with fine motor skills and hand and eye co-ordination. 

The set includes - 
  • A Gator Grabber
  • A Handy Scooper
  • A Twisty Dropper
  • A Squeezy Tweezer 

The first thing I did was get everything out for Lily. I filled her cauldron with some water, some leaves and some plastic spiders and snakes. I then got her some flour, and I made some blue water with food colouring. 

Lily was so excited to be making a potion, she had also been wanting to play with the fine motor tool set since it came. Which shows that children do and can get really excited over educational toys. 

The first thing she wanted to do was place some spiders into the potion. I encouraged her to use the Squeezy Tweezer for this. It took a few attempts but soon she got really good at it and managed to pick things up and grab the objects and pop them into the potion. The tweezers are the perfect size for Lily's fingers and squeeze quite easily. This tool is really good for developing hand and eye co-ordination.

After the spiders and snakes had gone in. Lily wanted to add some of the flour to the water. I encouraged her to use the Handy Scooper for this. I was quite impressed with how well she knew how to use this. She held it correctly and managed to scoop a decent amount of flour into it. She then understood how to let go of the flour so it fell into the potion. This tool is such a great one for working on pre-scissor skills. 

Next she added some leaves to the potion. I crunched them up so then she could try and use the Gator Grabber. Out of all the tools, Lily found this to be the most difficult. It confused her that she needed to squeeze them to make them open and then let go to close them back up. She soon got the hang of it and with my help, managed to get some leaves into the potion. This tool is really good for developing the pincer grasp which is the one they need to learn for writing. 

The last thing that she added was the blue coloured water. For this we used the Twisty Dropper. Lily had never used anything like this before so didn't understand how to use it. I had to show her that you squeeze and then let go, and all the water goes up into the tube. Then you squeeze it back out into the potion. Lily quickly learnt how to do this and it ended up being her favourite tool to use. Soon we had lots of the blue water into the cauldron and it was looking very potion like. This tool is really good for strengthening the muscles in the hands and fingers.

I gave Lily a spoon to stir the potion and we chanted a magic spell to finish it off. She then tried making me drink it, luckily pretending sufficed or I may have felt a little ill. Over all it was such a good activity and the four tools really helped make potion creating become lots of fun. 

You can buy the Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set from Learning Resources for £7.55

What would you put in your potion using these tools? 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Mummy and Me October 2017

This month I decided to get Lily and I booked into a studio to get some photographs done. I'm a professional photographer so I decided that I would take the photographs myself. Not only did that mean I got back as many photographs as I took, but it also meant that Lily was much more comfortable. She is still quite shy of strangers. 

The main reason for the shoot was to get some photographs of some clothing we were reviewing but that also gave us the opportunity to get some nice photographs of ourselves. 

It was very tricky to photograph Lily and even when I was in the photographs with her she didn't always want to play game and would pull moody faces. But as I took the pictures using a remote that was in my hand, sometimes she didn't know the picture was being taken and I got some nice natural ones of us. 

So here are my favourites from the shoot. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Festive Bedding from the Happy Linen Company - Review and Giveaway

It's the end of October and I am about to say one thing that some people love to hear and some people dread to hear. 

It's nearly Christmas! In just under 2 months time that wonderful day of the year will be with us again. Are you excited? Have you started getting ready for it?

I have been. I have been buying presents already, planning where we will be eating Christmas dinner, talking about getting a real Christmas tree this year. Its all so exciting. I bet secretly you have all been thinking about the same things, but have you been thinking about getting you bedroom ready for Christmas yet? No? Well here is where you can start. 

The Happy Linen company have brought out a range of christmas bedding to make your bedroom feel more festive. They have a really good range of bedding to choose from. You can go full out festive with bedding with santa and snowmen on it or settle for something a little more subtle.

When the Happy Linen company offered me a set to review. I decided to go a little more subtle and I chose Festive Scandi in grey and white. 

I really liked the design of this. I felt like I was being festive without the risk of my partner not wanting to sleep in the same bed as me this christmas. (The humbug) 

The bedding design has so many christmas patterns on it. It has reindeers, christmas tree's, stars, reefs, baubles, holly, and christmas flowers. Its so nice that they have thought of all the things of christmas and put them together to create such a nice design of bedding. 

The bedding is also reversible. So in a way you are getting 2 bed sets for the price of one. I did prefer the grey side to the white side as with a toddler, white sheets can get dirty quickly. 

The set comes with 2 pillow cases and the duvet cover. It is made from a blend of high quality natural cotton and polyester and can come in single, double or king size. We needed a kingsize for our bed. 

We did find that the sheets were slightly loose on our duvet, but It would also depend on the tog of the duvet that you are putting it on. It would be perfect if we ever wanted a thicker duvet on our bed. 

I did find that the sheets were of a nice quality though and quite soft to sleep in. Im quite picky with the materials I sleep on but this was fine for me. 

In the photo I took the bedding looks quite creased because it had literally just come out the packet but by the next day all the creases had fell out and wern't visible. 

Over all i'm quite happy with my bedding and can't wait to use it more often when it is Christmas time.

You can buy your festive bedding at the Happy Linen Website for the following prices. 

Single - £12.71 
Double  - £15.71
King Size - £19.46
Super King - £23.96

To really get you ready for Christmas, The Happy Linen Company is giving you the chance to Win a set of bedding from the Christmas Range. 

Enter below on the Gleam app to win! Ends 26/11 

Win a Christmas Bedding Set

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

5 Tv Series to Binge Watch this Halloween

I do love a good Tv series, I must say I have watched quite a lot of them too. When it comes to which Tv series that are appropriate for Halloween, the list isn't short. You have plenty of  shows about Vampires, Zombies and Monsters and all the rest to keep you going. 

But I thought I would choose 5 of my favourite series that I thought would be perfect to watch this Halloween. 

So here they are - 

1. The Walking Dead 

So we have just reached the 100th episode. So if you haven't started watching this yet, it may not just entertain your Halloween but also your entire November too. Of corse the title gives away this series. It's all about surviving a Zombie apocalypse and wow does it show survival at it's best. It's grim, gory and so action packed that if you are not hooked after the first series then i'm not quite sure what is wrong with you.

2. Lucifer 

Ahh the devil of my dreams. For me this series doesn't only show devilish behaviour, action and some class detective work, but it also has some very nice eye candy. Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer certainly gets me hot under the collar and I could quite happily watch the 2 seasons of Lucifer that are available now, all day long. Season 3 has just started on Amazon Prime and i'm hooked. The storyline is about lucifer abandoning hell and residing in Los Angles. Here he meets a detective who he is quite fond of. He then decides to become her partner in helping her solve crimes with his devilish powers. 

3. Santa Clarita Diet  

So far theres only one season on Netflix so this one will be easy to binge watch. This is a zombie comedy series with Drew Barrymore taking the lead. They are a normal family until one day Sheila starts to go through some changes. Before they know it she realises she is a zombie and craves the flesh of humans. This isn't like your normal zombie series though and has comedy while her husband rises to the challenges of having a zombie wife. I really enjoyed this series and thought it was a refreshing change to most zombie shows. I would definetly give it a try this Halloween. 

4. Grimm

When this first came out. I wasn't sure, but I thought I would give it a try. It started slow but I kept on with it and now i'm hooked. Grimm has just finished with its final season, season 6. (Which I have not been able to see yet). This is a detective show with a twist. The lead character is what's called a Grimm. A little like The Brothers Grimm, he hunts monsters. He soon finds out the town he lives in is full of them and his detective position at the police station helps him find and hunt the monsters. The show is full of lots of twists and turns and to be honest, it's unlike any show I have ever seen. Totally new and different. Although I love Grimm myself, I have heard of others not enjoying it so it really is one where you either love it or you don't. I would definetly give it a try and stick with it until the end of season 1 and hopefully you will be as hooked as I was. 

5. Being Human 

This is quite an old series but it is a good one and one I think I may end up watching again. What more could you ask for at Halloween than a show all about a Ghost, Werewolf and Vampire. The series shows the 3 trying to live out their lives as normal as can be without letting the monster get the better than them. Which is easier said than done. I really enjoyed this show for the lighthearted but slightly freaky appeal to it. It has blood and guts but also a little comedy to lighten it up. If you haven't seen this show then its definetly one to try. Especially if your a fan of Vampires, Werewolf's and Ghosts. 

Which of these series have you seen?

Which one do you think you will try this halloween?

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Toffee Moon Personalised Blanket Review

I have loved Toffee Moon ever since we reviewed their clothing back in July last year. Lily is a little big for their clothing now as it only goes up to 2 years old, but I just could not wait to review their new personalised blankets. If the quality of the clothing was anything to go by, then I knew that these blankets would be just as amazing. 

Toffee Moon let me choose a blanket design from their website. They have so much choice of colours and so it was really tricky to choose. But in the end I chose a pink and cream striped blanket. The blankets can be personalised with up to 20 characters over 2 lines. I just went with a simple 4 lettered word though and chose to have Lily's name put on it. 

I love how nicely presented Toffee Moon items arrive. There little label which says "For your precious one" on it is such a nice touch. My blanket arrived in a really nice organza drawstring bag tied with ribbon. The bag is another nice touch and the perfect way to display the gift inside. 

These blankets make the perfect gift as they are presented so nicely. Perfect for Baby showers, Christmas presents, Birthday presents, Christening gifts. I would be delighted to receive such an item for my child and the good thing about blankets is that children always need them and they are great for any age. 

The personalisation is embroidered onto the blanket and is done so nicely and with a really nice delicate font. You can also choose the colour of embroidery you want to make it stand out more on your blanket. Before even getting the blanket out of the packaging I could tell that it was going to be a lovely quality and thickness. 

The blankets are knitted with pure natural and breathable cotton which make a warm and cosy blanket for your baby or child. 

I was really happy with the quality of this blanket. It is really soft and knitted to perfection. I would say they are the perfect thickness to keep a child warm and snug and I was really happy at the size of them. The blanket measures at around 90cm by 90cm. 

The blanket is so nice that I almost don't want Lily to have it incase she gets chocolate on it or spills her juice like she almost always does. But luckily it is washable at 30 degree's. So I guess I can let her have it. She did really enjoy snuggling up with it while watching Tv and it will look so nice on her bed at night time. 

Now it is getting close to winter these are a must buy and i'm so happy to have one for Lily to keep her nice and cosy. 

The blankets are £32 without personalisation and £40 with it. They are well worth the money if you are looking for quality as I can guarantee you will be impressed with them. 

Head here to buy yours now. 

As Winter is coming, Toffee Moon have kindly offered to give away one personalised blanket. You can choose the colour of the blanket, and the colour of personalisation with wording up to 20 characters. For your chance to win, enter on the Gleam App below. 

Ends 24th November 

Win a Personalised Baby Blanket from Toffee Moon

Monday, 23 October 2017

Lily's Birthday Competition

In just under a months time on the 18th of November. Lily is going to be 3 years old! I can't believe she has grown so quick. It really doesn't feel like 2 moments since last year when I was preparing for her 2nd birthday. 

Last year for her Birthday on the blog. I did a Twitter party and a week of giveaways. Well, we still are going to have a week of giveaways and some amazing companies have given us some brilliant prizes to enter for. But instead of the twitter party I thought I would do a little creative competition. 

Lily and I love getting creative and making pictures, and when it comes to peoples birthdays we love making our own cards. 

So, to Enter....

I have a prize of a £10 Smyths Toy Store Voucher to give away. 

I would love you all to make Lily a Birthday Card for her 3rd Birthday

It is compleatly up to you what design you put on your card, how big, how small you do it. My only regulation is that is is made from paper, or card. No digital cards will be accepted. 

Then please take a photograph of the card. Would be lovely to see who made it for her. Also no age restrictions here but would be nice to see some kids get involved. 

Then tweet it to @lilyslearners with the #BirthdayCardForLily, OR pop it on Instagram and tag @lilyslittlelearners with the HashTag #BirthdayCardForLily OR Enter it on this Facebook post

The Competition will end on the 17th of November. 

So you have a bit of inspiration, here are a few of Lily's favourite things... 
  • Paw Patrol
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Animals
  • The Park
  • Balloons
  • Stories 
  • The Moon and Stars
  • Trains, Cars, Aeroplanes
  • Fireman Sam 
We look forward to seeing your entries.  

Sunday, 22 October 2017

My Sunday Photo 22/10/17

Lily loved all the leaves this week. So much fun throwing them into the air and letting them fall onto her head. 


Saturday, 21 October 2017

Our Photoshoot and Review for Me&i Clothing

Me&i Is a Swedish clothing company that makes clothes with a unique design and a comfortable fit. 

I love buying clothes for Lily, and of corse love shopping for myself. So when I got the chance to head to the Me&i website to pick out an outfit for us both, I was really happy. 

The website has lots of choice and all the designs are so different. I did spend quite a while trying to think of what to choose for Lily and I but in the end I settled on something. 

Soon after, the clothing was sent to us and we were ready to try it on, wear it out and also do a fun photoshoot with it. 

My first impressions were that I loved the designs. I chose a grey dress with spots and a pair of leggings. I am quite a fan of these type dresses are they are perfect for wearing leggings under and the length keeps you nice and warm. They are also so easy to move around in as with a child you do end up on the floor a lot and a short dress is not ideal.
For Lily I chose a tunic that had alligators on it holding handbags. I loved the colours on it as I do enjoy buying clothes for Lily that aren't typically girly. 

We put them on and our outfits looked great toggether and it was really nice to have new clothing to wear. I had rented a studio for the day and I set up my camera onto a tripod with a remote ready to do a fun shoot. 

The sizing of Lily's tunic was 2-3. Lily is nearly 3 but seems to fit better into 2 to 3 clothing. This tunic fit perfectly. Was the right length in the arms and the right fit in the body. It was really stretchy too so looked like it would be really comfortable on her. Lily was really impressed with her new dress. She loved the fact it had alligators on (Though she thinks they're dinosaurs) and kept telling me that she had a new dress with dinosaurs on and then going rawrrr. That made perfect for the photoshoot as I got a good picture of her rawwring in her new outfit. 

The material was also really nice and soft and you can tell it is good quality. Lily's leggings were our own but you can also buy lots of leggings that match perfectly from the Me&i store. 
Lily's tunic is £25.95 and you can head here to the website to take another look at it. 

The first thing I must say about my dress is how comfortable it is. Im a size 8 and the fit was a little bit big on me but that just gave me more room to move around, which is something you do often with a little child. It was a little bit baggy at the chest area but that said I am very skinny at the top and wide at the hips, so I think it would probably fit someone who was an 8-10 a little better than it fits me. The material was really soft and also nice and stretchy. Again to me, it felt like it was a really good quality piece of clothing.
The leggings I got in a size 10. They fit perfectly, leggings can be touch and go with me to if they fit nicely, but these wern't to tight on me and were a really good length. Also they were really soft and wern't to thick or to thin so perfect for the autumn days we are having at the moment. 

The dress is a price of £49.95 and the leggings are £29.95 and you can buy them here on the Me&i Woman's section of the website. 

The prices do seem quite high but what I do like about Me&i is how important the quality of the clothing is to them. Also how important it is that good working conditions are kept for their workers. Read more about this here in there pricing section of the website. 

What do you think to the Me&i Clothing range? 

Friday, 20 October 2017

How much do Tv shows influence our children?

Okay, bad parent confession alert!!!!

I probably let Lily have way much more Tv than I should. 

Lily has always been a little hard to distract, and sometimes the only way to get a job done is by putting on the Tv and letting her watch one of her favourite shows that she is compleatly addicted to. Of corse Lily doesn't only have TV time. I fit in plenty of activities and outdoor time during the day but I have started to think about minimising the amount of Tv she gets. 

The first thing that has made me think about this is how much I notice her copying things from the Tv. She will start to talk about things or do something and i'm wondering, where on earth is she getting that from. Then I realise its something that has happened on one of her Tv shows. 

For example, Lily suddenly started to tell me that her tooth was loose. Im thinking, can't be, she isn't even 3 yet. Any way I check and of corse it isn't loose. I tell her it isn't but she insists that it is. At first I think that maybe one of her older friends had been telling her about her tooth being loose but then one day I was sat watching Paw Patrol with Lily (because as you know, I love paw patrol Ha) and there was an episode where one of the pups has a loose tooth but doesn't want to go to the dentist!
It clicked, thats where she is getting the idea her tooth is loose from. 

So while things like her using her imagination from things she has seen on Tv doesn't bother me, there are times I wonder if the TV she watches can have a negative effect on her. 

I have been watching a few of the things she watches lately and been taking note on things that are happening in the shows. I wanted to see if some of the things she see's on Tv were having an effect on her. 

The first thing I noticed was that she was starting to tell me she was scared of ghosts and all of a sudden she wants the bedroom door being slightly left open. I know exactly where the ghost thing has come from and again its from her favourite show Paw Patrol. The episode that she will have got this fear from has a ghost in and the pups are all scared of it. It all ends well when they find out that its not really a ghost and just one of the pups dressed up. But it seems to have left Lily thinking about and talking about ghosts. I now have to remind her that they are not real and that like in the episode, its just pretend. 

Mummy's brave and clever words of wisdom are usually believed by Lily and that sorts her out for the night and she does go to sleep. But it just shows you that a few moments of an episode can have a big effect on a child. 

So this leads to me thinking about her behaviour. If she is picking up on things like make believe ghosts, and its making her behaviour scared then what else is she picking up. 

I have always taught Lily good behaviour. Im not overly strict, but its important Lily has manners, and behaves nicely to others. One program Lily has started to watch lately that I am not keen on her watching is Caillou. This show is all about a 4 year old boy and his family. It shows all about things that happen in general day life, like playing at the park, having a sister or having a friend over to play. While the show does show Caillou being creative, adventurous and learning new things, it also shows him being a down right little (dare I say it?) BRATT! 

Caillou struggles to share, play nicely, and he seems to demand all the time. In fact I have barely heard him say please or thank you. A lot of his sentences start with "I want" and a lot of the time if he doesn't get his own way he throws a wobbler on the floor and cries or folds his arms in a huff. Sometimes his behaviour has been compleatly unacceptable like for example the episode he pinches his baby sister because he says "he doesn't like her". 
Caillou's parents always tell him whats right and wrong, and do always make him apologise. But of corse its a Tv show and on a Tv show they can't be to strict with him. But an action like nipping I believe needs a little more of a discipline action than "thats not nice". I think if they can't show the parents disciplining him then they should not be showing behaviour like nipping. 
Another thing Caillou is constantly doing is whinging and whining. "Mummmmmmy this, Mummmmmmy that, Boo Hoo Hoo". I realise that they have based Caillou on what a child can act like, but again its not great behaviour for a child to be watching.

I have noticed that Lily has got very demanding lately and very whiny. I recently said to her " wow your demanding", which her reply to me was "Im not Mandy, Im Lily" as Lily doesn't really know what demanding is.
It does make me wonder how much she takes from a show like this and how much it influences her to act up, or is it just her becoming a 'threenager'?

Caillou hasn't been banned from our home, but I am wanting her to watch it a little less now. I can't remove it compleatly as she asks for it every day and its on the front screen of Netflix where she see's it and asks for it. But I am really trying to persuade her to watch other programmes as not all Tv shows will have negative repercussions and there are a lot of positive role models on Tv. 

What do you think about Tv influences on our children? 

Do you think that children can pick up Negative Behaviour from what they watch?  

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Adventure Belt Review and Giveaway

A few weeks ago we attended the Baby and Toddler show and I was very happy to meet More 2 Explore and see their brilliant Adventure Belt. 

The belt is not only designed to be fun for kids, but to keep them safe too!

We walked away from the stand that day very excited to be taking one home to try out. 

So, the adventure belt is a new design of reins. It is totally different to most children's reins that you see out on the market. There are designs that are backpacks, ones you can put around there wrists, or ones that you strap around their body which is what we used to have. Usually these all have a lead sort of system which has a loop at the end for you to hold. 

The big thing that makes this rein different to others on the market is that instead of you holding onto it, you strap yourself to it by putting it around your waste as well as your child's. 

This I think is a much safer option, you don't have to worry about having that extra hand to hold onto them and there is no worry of accidently letting go. I also think it looks less like a lead and definitely more like a safety device.  

Both belts are adjustable and the strap part connecting you and your child to the belt is adjustable too. 

Lily and I have tried on both belts and we did need to tighten them both to fit us. 

I haven't used reins on Lily since she first started walking. She has never really left my side and always held my hand, so I have never felt the need for using them. But I definitely would use these ones if I was at somewhere like the airport, or somewhere up high where she could fall. I haven't had the opportunity to use the reins yet seen as the places we have been, Lily stays by me holding my hand. 

But we have taken the belt out and I put it on Lily so she could get used to the idea of wearing it. She was really excited to put it on and happily walked around with her new belt. We headed to the local park where we could use the little pouch that is on the belt. 

Lily didn't realise at first that the pouch opened up but she got so excited as soon as she did. She started collecting twigs and leafs and putting them inside. 
The pouch is such a great idea, perfect to collect nature when out for a walk, or perfect to put things like her money in for when we go to the shops. Lily usually loves to put the money into her pocket so I know she will love to put it in the pouch. 

Another great thing about the pouch is the label that is inside. It has an area where you can write your phone number and also if the child has any allergies. So if your child wasn't wearing the reins that are attached to you, and got lost, people can help the child find their way back to you. 

We really loved the panda design on the front and this is the perfect unisex choice. But you can also buy it in pink and in blue. 

You can buy the adventure belts from the More 2 Explore website at a price of £14.99. 

What do you think about the Adventure belt? 

Where would you wear yours? 

More 2 Explore have kindly let me give away one of these belts to one lucky winner. For your chance to win, enter on the gleam app below. 

Win an Adventure Belt

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

15 Halloween Films to Watch if you are a Wimp!

I have always been quite into the gothic side of things. I used to have jet black hair and I also collect spooky Living Dead Dolls that lived in coffins. If its freaky then I love it, just like Halloween. I Love getting dressed up, doing scary activities, having parties and decorating the house all spooky. So you would imagine that I probably LOVE watching horror films right? 

Wrong!!!! I hate horror films!! Im a total wuss, wimp, scaredy cat, coward! Im that person that you would find hiding behind the pillow while watching a horror. Then I would be the one not going to sleep at night as my imagination ran wild and I thought each shadow I saw was going to kill me. Nope, I avoid horror films as much as I can. 

But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy movies at Halloween. There is so much choice of non scary films out there that are perfect for Halloween and I have thought of 15 films that I would quite happily watch. They range from kids films to teen films to some that are a little more for the adults. 

Here are my 15 Halloween films to watch if you are a wimp! (Like me)

1. Hocus Pocus
I have always loved this film and it is an ultimate must watch at Halloween. You really can't get more Halloween related than a film about Halloween itself. With witches, trick or treating, halloween parties, a talking black cat and spell books, What more could you want? This film is very child friendly and I don't remember ever having any fears after watching it but it may have some scary moments for really young children. It has comedy, adventure, music and fun and is one of my favourite Halloween films. 

2. Scary Movie 
I love Scary Movie because I get to watch all the scary movies with out having to be frightened. It shows all the horror stories, the build ups, and the freaky costumes. But then it is a total comedy sketch making fun of the most well loved horror films and their clich├ęs. The first film has to be my favourite involving the well known horror character Scream. But there are now 5 films of scary movie and so this could keep you going all Halloween night. This film is definitely not one to watch with the kids though, they probably will be scared and maybe slightly scarred for life with some of the ruder scenes. 

3. Beetlejuice 
Tim burton to me is the legend when it comes to Halloween. There will be a few more of his films listed here but Beetlejuice is one of my favourites. If you have never seen it, it is definetly one to watch at halloween with a ghostly family, and a freaky man trying to help them haunt a house. It has comedy and fun and lots of ghoulish characters that definitely come from a crazy imagination. This film again isn't for small kids but is definetly one that your teen would enjoy. 

4. Casper 
Yes the friendly ghost, one of my childhood favourites. The film came out in 1995 after the cartoons and I must admit I still love this film as an adult. Ghosts are scary right? Well not this one, as he is a friendly ghost. Casper the ghost is so cute and most children love him. This film is so lovely. Its funny, has lots of action and also some heart touching moments. This one will definetly be watched by me this Halloween. 

5. The Addams Family (Click Click)
After even saying the name of this film I am singing the theme tune and clicking my fingers. This is another loved halloween film by many and another great one if you love anything of the freaky nature, but with out it being scary. You just have to love all the costumes and characters in this film and the way that being freaky is just perfectly normal for the Addams family. Again another one I shall be watching this Halloween. 

6. Misery
This one is definitely more for the adults. Misery is another film I love. It has all the scary parts and may have you hiding behind a pillow at times but at the same time its not that scary and thank fully there is no blood and guts. This film is based on a very insane freaky lady who saves/kidnaps an author of her favourite book. She saves him from a car accident he had in the snow but then doesn't want him to leave. This film is quite the thriller but I assure you that it won't leave you having nightmares. It may stop you heading out alone in a car in the snow though. 

7. Hotel Transylvania 1&2
One that is a little more light hearted and for the kids now but yet still enjoyed by adults. Or at least I enjoyed it. I recently watched this with Lily and happily sat and watched the entire film without thinking "this film is for kids only". It has great animation and great characters. Fun for all the family to watch. If you liked the first one, the second one is just as good. I would say this is the perfect starter film for introducing your child to Halloween. It has mummies, vampires, Frankenstien, wolfs, ghosts and many more freaky characters. 

8. Corpse Bride 
This is another Tim Burton film that is the perfect example of all things freaky. It has a great story line about a human accidently marrying a corpse and the film is filled with lots of songs and a great storyline. Not to mention it is put together with stop motion brilliantly. This would be perfect to watch with an older child and is more fun than scary. 

9. Shaun of the Dead
This film is such a great comedy film. I have watched it so many times and still laugh at a lot of the scenes in it. You can't beat a zombie film and I do love comedy so put them both together and you have one brilliant film. The good thing about this film is that they have still left in some of the gore which you need to have in a zombie film (though I think they used ketchup a lot of the time.) 

10. The Craft 
I have been watching this film since I was a teen and it was one of my favourite freaky films. I must admit I haven't seen it for a few years and after making this list, it may be one I will watch this halloween. This film is all about some girls dabbling with witchcraft and magic. But there is white magic and black magic and so you see some scenes that are showing good spells but also some which show bad and thats where the slight horror in this film begins. But unless you have a huge fear of creepy crawlies and snakes then you should not find this film to scary. 

11. A Haunted House 
Following on from Scary Movie we have A Haunted House which is by one of the Waylan brothers Marlon. He acts in the film as Malcolm who moves into a new house with his wife. This is where freaky things start to happen. Its a spoof film which shows scenes simular to paranormal activity (which I have never seen). Some say you need to have seen the original horror films to get the jokes, but I haven't and I still enjoyed this film. There is also A Haunted House 2 available to watch if you enjoyed the first one. 

12. Scooby Doo 
A GGGGhost! Scooby Doo the movie is a brilliant film for all the family to watch at Halloween. Full of freakishly ghoulish characters and lots of action and adventure it makes the perfect film to sit with your youngest and introduce them to some thing a little bit spooky. If your children enjoy the cartoon then they will definetly enjoy the film. I think I will introduce this one to Lily this year.

13. Sweeny Todd the Tim Burton Version
If you enjoy a little bit of blood and guts then this is the film for you. Sweeny todd isn't scary but does show some pretty gruesome scenes as he slices the throats of his victims. Then to top if off, you get to see scenes of people indulging on what are meant to be the best pies in town but we know that really they are eating human meat. Yuck! I have seen the original with Ray Winston in and that one is just as good, so you could choose between that one or the musical version from Tim Burton.  

14. Zombieland 
Okay it's another Zombie comedy, but I simply can't get enough of them. This film is all about trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and it features 4 characters who all team up to try and stay alive. But the film is very light hearted and not scary at all. So if you are a big fan of zombies but don't like horror then this is one to watch. 

15. Split
I would say that this is the scariest film in my list. Slightly jumpy, slightly gory at times, but a fantastic film. Split is about a man who kidnaps some girls, only it's not just one man they are dealing with, it's many. This kidnapper has multiple personalities and they all have something in store for the girls. This is another thriller and I wasn't feeling scared while watching it but it definitely had it's freaky moments. It is quite a new film so if you haven't seen it then I would really recommend that you get your hands on it for Halloween. 

So thats the end of my list. I hope you are inspired and looking forward to a fun movie night for Halloween. I'm not sure I can watch 15 in one night so i'm going to go and have a long think about which I want to watch. 

Which of these films do you think you will watch for halloween? 

Do you have any good ideas for Halloween films for wimps? (like me)