Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot Dolls Review

Are you ready to see the most adorable toys ever? Lily And I got sent these Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot dolls and they are just so cute!

They are tiny realistic looking baby dolls that are the perfect size to fit in your child's hands, AND there are 15 of them to collect. 

We got sent 2 dolls and a pram accessory pack which also includes a doll. 

Lily really loves her babies so she was so excited to see them, and couldn't wait to get them opened. The individual dolls come in little cots, so when you take off the plastic lid and take the baby out you are left with a cardboard cot. This is a really nice touch and adds a extra element of play. As soon as Lily held the babies in her hands the first thing she said was "Awww So Cute!" 

Thats exactly what they are. Really cute. The expressions on the face are so life like although the eyes to me do look a little funny. But there is a lot of detail in the face. There outfits they come in are really sweet too. The 2 dolls that we got both had little pram suits on that were both really soft and full of detail. 

As you undress your doll you find that it has a soft huggable body. When the pram suits are off you can see that the babies have such tiny hands and feet but with such detail to them. These babies are made really well and are a treasure to hold in your hand. One more tiny detail that has been added is that they all have hospital bands on there wrists which has their individual name on and date of birth. Its such a beautiful little detail to be added. 

We then opened the pram accessory set. This set also came with a doll inside, so now Lily had 3 dolls and was very impressed. The pram itself is really nice. Its made with a really decent quality of plastic and the carry cot can be lifted on and off the pram, just like your can with a real pram. The handle moves so you can push the pram or carry it and it also comes with a hood that can be pulled forward. This set really encourages your child to use their imagination. Lily just loved pushing the baby around the house in the pram and telling the baby to go to sleep. 

Other extra's the pram comes with is a changing bag with has a nappy and changing matt with it. Though Lily has been using the changing matt as a blanket as that is what it seemed like it was. Its great that she can use her imagination and use the changing matt as both. The nappy is really easy to put on the baby when you have taken its pram suit off. 

Lily has really enjoyed playing with this toy over the last week and its great for her to have a toy she really enjoys. She loves playing 'mummy' and this set gives her a really good opportunity to become that role. 

The Tinsy Winsy Weeny Dolls retail at £7.99 each and the first collection is a special edition so I would recommend snapping them up while you can. 

The Pram Play Set is retailed at £14.99 and you can also buy a bedtime pack which comes with bed which includes working drawers and a lovely mobile. I am very tempted to buy her this set for her birthday as over all I think these are just such wonderful toys and she really enjoys them. 

These toys are aimed at children aged 3 to 7 years old and are available at Smyths Toy Superstores. 

Would your child enjoy a toy like this? 


  1. Oh wow these are super cute. I am sure my great niece would love them!

  2. Oh, my. How cute these are. The girls would absolutely love them. Thanks for the review.

  3. Yes, I believe the children would enjoy these toys. They look great for little ones.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I imagine my daughter would like these but they do look a bit eerie to me lol xx

  5. We cute. My daughter would have loved this

  6. These are so cute
    My neices would adore these

  7. Cute dolls.

    Rachel Craig

  8. Yes both my girls aged 4 and 22 months would love this

  9. Such Cuties! The Dolls look well detailed and life like! The pram is great, because it doubles up as a carry cot as well.