Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Creating an Autumn Look in the Bedroom- with Cushions & Bedding

Only yesterday I was looking out of my window and thought to myself, "Wow, its dark already and its only 7pm". It doesn't seem two moments since I was looking out at 9pm and it was still daylight outside. So when dusk hits and it starts to get darker and colder, indoors is usually somewhere I will be heading. 

I'm not complaining though, as for me that means I get to go and be all snuggly inside and a early night is on the call with a hot drink and a nice book in bed. But one thing that is a must when it suddenly becomes autumn is to make sure that the bed i'm getting into is much warmer and more snug than the one I would have gotten into at summer time. This is when creating an Autumn look in the bedroom is important to me. 

There are so many ways you can make your bedroom and bed feel much more cosy. I usually start by getting some nice new sheets for the bed and my duvet. Really the first thing I should concider is the thickness of the duvet but I straight away think about colours and how I can make my room feel warmer by using golds, reds and browns. I think sometimes the power of the mind can have a great effect on if we feel hot and cold and just seeing warm colours can really help with this. 

But if your mind isn't working in that way and the colours aren't making you warm enough. You can always think of getting a nice throw to match. These look really nice on your bed and even if you don't use them through out the night, I think they give your bedroom a much cosier feeling. 

The last thing you can do to put the finishing touches to your bedroom is change up the cushions around your room. If you are anything like me then you will not able to resist throwing a cushion or two onto the bed. The great thing about cushions is that as well as them coming in lots of different shapes and sizes they also come with lots of designs. You can buy many designs for your throw cushions to suit your theme and keep some variety to the room by changing them often. You can find nice colours like golds, browns and reds and you can also find designs that may have pictures on them that remind you of certain seasons. I found some lovely Autumn cushion covers from the Yorkshire Linen Shop

Using textiles is the first way to be well on your way to helping create the perfect autumn bedroom that you can sit back in and relax. 

What kind of things do you like to add to your bedroom to give them an autumn feel? 

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  1. Love the Yorkshire linen Shop
    Quality that doesn't break the bank
    Time to treat myself

  2. I would add some pretty candles, warm fluffy throws and thicker lined curtains to make it feel cosy and snug xXx

  3. I like to add blankets and candles

  4. Love that bedroom. I add a throw

  5. Love the bedroom - my husband does all the decorating because he has an eye for interior design so I leave it all to him!

  6. Adding string lights always looks good x

  7. I love this. We need to redecorate our bedroom, as it has become pretty drab.

  8. The only thing I spontaneously buy is bedding sets, I simply cannot resist them!

  9. A nice rug that's what I need in my bedroom