Thursday, 17 August 2017

Little Live Pets, Lil' Ladybug Garden Review

It was only recently that I found out about these wonderful little toys called Little Live Pets made by Moose Toys. These toys come as a variety of types of pets from cats, to birds, to hedgehogs, to turtles. 

We were sent a different type of pet though, we were sent ladybugs. I must admit, its not a pet I have kept for a long time, but when I was very little I would make little homes with twigs and leaves in and go collecting ladybugs and put them inside. I would always set them free, but they were my little pets for the day. 

I thought the idea to this set was just adorable and it really reminded me of my childhood. We got a set of ladybugs and a garden play set which also comes with a set of ladybugs. As soon as I gave it to Lily she was super happy to see such a colourful play set. Its very unlike all her other toys so she was very excited to play with it. 

This toy is recommended for ages 5+ so I supervised Lily while she was playing with it seen as she is only nearly 3 years old. The ladybugs themselves are very small. The set comes with one adult ladybug and one baby ladybug. The baby one is incredible small and incredibly cute. You attach the baby ladybug to the back of the adult ladybug and the idea is that the adult one pulls it around the garden. They are also both super shiny and you can get lots of them in different colours. 

The garden is set out like a little track, and the ladybug is motorised and has little bristles on the bottom of it which makes it zoom around fast, creating the effect of a real lady bug. 

The great thing about the garden is that it is inside the box in one piece, it was great to not have to assemble anything and perfect as it meant that Lily could play with it straight away. The ladybugs also came with batteries also installed. The only little thing you had to do was join the ladybugs toggether and add 2 little ramps to the bottom. Both which took seconds to do. 

The garden its self is beautiful. It has a little house, a canopy type thing and a big purple flower which is what you use to help the ladybugs get up the ramp. 
The ramp is so easy and simple to use, all you have to do it make sure that the little purple lever is at the bottom which the ladybug ends up moving on top of, you then twist the flower and wind the ladybug to the top. Even Lily found this easy which was great as she can get easily frustrated. There is also little stops you can put in place and a sign post that the ladybird hits to make it move around a different way. 

The ramps create a exit so they can run around but this needs to be on a hard surface. They wont work on carpet as Lily found out. It would be great if the ramps carried onto a track which you could extend and extend. I think that would definetly be something that people would buy. We sure would!

Lily found this toy hilarious. I have never seen her giggle so much at a toy. At times the 2 ladybugs crashed into each other and she thought it was so funny when they did. At one point her daddy was doing a grand pre style commentary for them racing around and Lily was laughing so hard at this. Its not often my partner enjoys playing with one of her toys but I think even he loved this one. 

Overall I am very impressed with this toy and probably not something I would of considered ever buying her so i'm really glad we got to try it out. If this is a toy you haven't thought about buying then I definetly think it is worth a shot. It could be a real hit with your kids. 

You can buy the Garden Play Set for £22.99 and the Extra Ladybug Packs at £5.99.

Would your child enjoy having a Little Live Pet ladybug? 


  1. Oh wow! My son loved Ladybugs/birds when he was little. Now my great niece has become the garden bug spy at 2..... this would be such fun for her.

  2. Megan had the little live pets turtle she love, she would love these too, they are fantastic toys xXx

  3. This is so cute, I'm sure any young child would have lots of fun with this.

  4. I think my daughter would enjoy this.

  5. Yes, absolutely. We all love animals / pets. Toy animals / pets are very popular within the family. Nice to read that Lily's Dad and Lily had lots of fun with the toys.

    Rachel Craig

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