Friday, 7 July 2017

Lily's Holiday Clothing Pick

It's Holiday time again! On saturday Lily and I are off on holiday with my parents and we can't wait. We are heading to our usual holiday town of Weymouth and we are hoping to get some lovely sunshine. While I have packed ready for incase it rains I wanted to show you some of the lovely items I have picked out and bought especially for Lily's holiday this year. 

Summer Swimwear

Im really hoping this year that Lily will want to go in the sea. She has really been a lot more interested in putting her feet in water of the streams lately and so she may dip her feet in. Or she may not, the water is a lot more still in a stream and so she may be a little more fearful of the sea. Never the less I have got her some swimming outfits so she can get wet. The strawberry one was picked up in home bargains and the yellow one is from Sunuva. I also got her some little sandals perfect for going in the sand and sea. 

Sun Protection

The sun glasses are from last year but she never wore them. Now Lily loves wearing them and i'm sure they will be worn on holiday this year when the sun gets in her eyes. Lily has always been happy to wear at hat though and has even been wearing these around the house. Her nan bought her these two hats and the minnie one is perfect for every day wear and the ice cream one for the beach. These were picked up at a local bargain store. 

Summer Footwear

All of Lily's size 6 shoes are not suitable for summer. They are all trainers and high tops and so a little warm for the really sunny days. So I got her these 3 pairs of shoes. The little white sandals are for her summer dresses and dressing up a little nicer. The Peppa pig ones will be perfect for the beach and the blue ones perfect for every day wear. Im not sure which are my favourite. Not one pair of these cost me more than £5 and apart from the Peppa Pig ones, I got them from Shoe Zone. 

Summer Dress

I found this dress in a bargain store for £2. I couldn't resist it. I love the cut and the greens in it. The pattern is quite funky and loud but it looks really cute on Lily. Not sure if she will wear this in the day time or evening when we go out one night.

Summer PJS 

I do love Pjs, and couldn't resist getting Lily some for the holidays. Its always nice to wear new Pjs on holiday! I thought that the sea creature pattern on these was very cute and very fitting for the seaside. Also they are disney Pjs which you can't beat. Hopefully they will keep her nice and cool at night time. Again I picked these up from a bargain store for £5. 

Thats my summer clothing pick for Lily sorted! Now I need to sort my self out! 

Which of the items above is your favourite? 


  1. Summer Footwear Sandals are my favourite. They look lovely, are hopefully comfortable and being white :- Will go with many outfits.

    You did really well shopping for Summer Holiday clothes for Lily. Hope you all have a Wonderful time.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Love the Sofia the first pjs :)

  3. The summer dress look so cool for the hot weather we are having at the moment!

  4. Oh my gosh - you can be employed to do my kids shopping - lovely pics :D xxx

  5. Its amazing the clothes you can get for tots now, they are all gorgeous

  6. I am a Disney fan so loving the Minnie Mouse house and Sofia PJs!

  7. She is going to be one well dressed little lady on holiday

  8. I think my nieces would love every outfit especially the PJs which have a Little Mermaid hint to them!

  9. So many cute things, it really makes me want kiddies! Hahah

  10. Cutest outfits ever! I agree, buying new PJs for a holiday is a must!

  11. Very cute. I especially love the pjs. Great shoes too

  12. Very cute. I especially love the pjs. Great shoes too