Monday, 5 June 2017

Our Day out to Blackpool

This post may be a little more picture heavy than word heavy, but It was a lovely day out and got some lovely photographs so wanted to share them with you. I always think nice days out are great to write about also so then I can look back in the future and remember the lovely time we had. 

Last wednesday we decided to jump on a train and head to Blackpool. We are really lucky because the train station is literally a 5 min walk from my house where we can jump on a train straight to Blackpool. The sun was shinning and it was such a lovely day. Perfect for a day out.  

It took around an hour to get there and we arrived and the first thing we decided to do was eat. It didn't take us long to decide what to eat and we got fish and chips from the stall at the front of the pier. We thought it was going to be really expensive with it being on the pier but it wasn't. £3.50 for fish and chips isn't bad at all. I gave Lily some of my chips and fish. She loved the fish and ate it all. I was super happy to see her eat it as sometimes she can be fussy if it has changed shape from her normal fish fingers she eats. 

The next thing we planned to do was walk down the pier. But we couldn't do that until Lily had sat in most of the little rides along the front. They were all £1 each though for a little ride on it and so she didn't get to sit on them all moving. I'm most definetly not made of money. 

I don't have many photographs of Lily looking into the camera, she has her days where she just really wont look at it and this day was one. 

When we got to the pier, Lily found a train which really impressed her. We got a photograph in front of it and then suddenly it set off and went to the end of the pier. When Lily saw it leave she was upset because she wanted to go on it. So we walked all the way to the end of the pier simply to get on the train and come back haha. But she enjoyed the ride and thats all that mattered. (Ignore the worried look on her face, she was a little upset daddy didn't get on the train, but one of us had to stay with the pram)

After this ride, we headed to the beach. The beach is now one of Lily's favourite places to go and she loves playing in the sand. She spent ages digging, building sandcastles with daddy, pouring the sand through her sieve. She even had a walk to the sea with daddy but thought that the sea was to cold to paddle in. 

Our Beach time got cut short with the sea coming in and before we knew it there was hardly any beach left. So we packed up and headed up onto the pier for ice cream. Lily chose chocolate. The yummiest flavour but the messiest for when wearing a new white top. But aw well, couldn't say no to chocolate ice cream just to save a top. I also have some wonderful stain cleaner at home that lifted it right out. 

After Lily had got the ice cream everywhere, we decided to change her top and head to an arcade. We had to give Coral Island a visit. We found this fun picture opportunity at the front entrance. Although as I said before, Lily was not wanting to look at the camera today. 

Lily was so impressed with the inside. As was I. Its so cool with all the treasure themed displays and the ride that is going around the top of the arcade. I let Lily play on her favourite machines. The 2p machines and she just loved hitting all the flashing buttons. We also tried to win her a paw patrol toy, but after spending only a few pounds we gave up and later headed to the shop to buy her one. 

We had such a great day out and will definitely be visiting Blackpool again soon. We just need to make sure we head to the beach a little earlier before the sea swallows it. This will always be a lovely memory of a family day out. 

Have you been to Blackpool before?  

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  1. Lots of fun and exciting
    Recently spent a week there and had a fab time

  2. Like Blackpool lived there for a few years, always plenty going on

  3. Looks like a fantastic day out! I've never been. Great photos.

  4. Yes. Blackpool can be nice for a Day Out, Weekend Stay etc.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Aw, looks like you had a great time!

    I've been, but never with my little boy. We're East coast, though, so no direct train and there's closer places for us to go!

  6. We've been many a time we find it alot cheaper for us by sticking it out in the fairground as most the time your either spending else where and it can rack up a heavy fortune and break our pockets. Last time we went we found the queues really long but didnt realise you can invest in a wristband that makes you jump the queue . Saves all the waitin time and with some of the bigger rides the special wristband is a life saver especially since I have teen children . I am terrible for trying to win teddies as I said you can spend a fortune in Blackpool so when hubby is with me he tells me to keep away from the machines lol . If you go down the front one of the arcades has a booth in it where it takes your picture but prints it out in black and white more like a scan picture like someones drawed it that was in a place called Super Prized Bingo right by Pablos on the front . Remember it just like it was yesterday :-)

  7. I love blackpool havent been for years though

  8. I haven't been to Blackpool but would really love to go while the kids are still young. Some great pics there. Dont you just hate it when that ice cream gets everywhere, sticky mess in the buggy!

  9. I like blackpool. Lily looks like she had lots of fun.

  10. no I haven't (well... I MIGHT have but I was too young to remember, really) and I really want to go! this summer, actually. omg, my son would LOVE that train! it's pretty impressive. the beach looks lovely too, really sandy! what else is there to do in Blackpool? #countrykids

  11. Aww, it sounds like you all had a lovely time! We love the beach, too... and Ice creams on the pier, hehe. Beautiful photos. xx #CountryKids

  12. I've never been to Blackpool! I'd love to go x

  13. I've not been to Blackpool since I was a teenager but I remember loving the seafront and the rides. The fish and chips sounds excellent value, it is definitely more round our way. We only have one little pay for ride at Coombe Mill which is a tractor but at 20p a go it sounds more reasonable than the £1 ones at Blackpool. The little train ride there looks delightful and of course all the sun of the beach before the tide came in. I hope you get to spend another fun day here again over the summer.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  14. Ahh! Fish and chips is a must at the seaside! £3.50 is a bargain!
    Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had such a lovely day!
    Last time I was at Blackpool was about 30 years ago. Eek! #CountryKids

  15. Ooo you just reminded me that I want to go to Blackpool this summer. I'll add it to my days out list!! We went to see the illuminations in November and it was so cold!! We're about an hour away on the train tooo so there are no excuses! I will look forward to going now after seeing your great photos!! #countrykids

  16. I've never been to Blackpool but it looks like your daughter was thoroughly entertained by the attractions. #CountryKids

  17. I haven't been to Blackpool for years, it looks like you had a lovely time!