Saturday, 6 May 2017

Schleich Farm World Figure Review

Lily really loves playing with animals and lately we have had many trips to the farm which has only made her interest in animals grow. 

One toy brand we love that makes animals is Schleich and so we got sent a new animal set for Lily to play with.

We were sent a toy from the Farm World collection and was sent a farmer and his goat. 

The farmer and his goat come with a folk and some apples. You can place the folk in the farmers hand and move his arms to make it look like he is using it. This toy is perfect for helping develop children's imagination as they make the goat eat the juicy apples and the farmer carry out his farmer duty's. The back of the box also comes as a scene of a field and so this can be used to help the child imagine the scene that the farmer and his goat could be in. 
This lovely set can be used on its own or they can be combined with other toys where play can be extended and even more fun. 

You can really see the high quality of these toys and can tell that they have had a lot of love and care put into making them. They are hand-painted with such detailed modelling and the quality of the products really help towards the child learning through play by using their imagination. The plastic is really hard and sturdy and also the goat has texture to it which helps towards the details.  

Lily really enjoyed playing with this set. She loved trying to balance the apples on the folk and feed them to the goat. Or she would place the apples on the floor in front of the goat and also make the goat it them from there. Lily is only 2 and a half and so I always make sure that I am present when she is playing with these toys due the the small parts being a chocking hazard. I have noticed her using her imagination when playing with these. I can't always make out what she is saying but she will be making the farmer talk and would make the goat go yum yum yum as it eats the apples. 

This toy is a retail price of £8.99 and is aimed at children 3-6 years old. You can head to the Schleich's Website to see more of the farm range or find out where to buy this toy. 

What do you love about Schleich's Animal toys? 


  1. I'm not sure on this one especially with the fork that big poke anyones eyeballs out that will lol x I love the farmer and the goat just not keen on the fork

  2. These are fabulous and so realistic
    No wonder Lily loves them