Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lily Turns 2 and a Half - Plus Giveaway.

So today Lily turns 2 and a half years old. I always mark the occasion with a blog post all about her and a updated photoshoot. 

I cant believe that Lily is already 2 and a half. That means one thing...Lily is closer to being a 3 year old. Im sure every parent will tell you that they grow up so quick and they grow and change before your eyes and sometimes you don't even notice until you look back 6 months before. For example Lily's hair has grown so much since 6 months ago

I am really enjoying Lily's year of being a 2 year old, though also really not enjoying the terrible two's. She is learning so much and has gotten so clever, but that means that she also knows how to try and play us, push us and try and get what she wants. So now the tackle is on to show her that we won't back down and she can't always get what she wants. Oh boy is that fun! 

So to celebrate Lily being 2 and a half, here are some points all about her and some photographs taken just an hour ago.
  • Lily can now use a folk and spoon perfectly, she also knows how to spread things with a knife and is learning to cut things. 
  • Lily has started to enjoy new foods. She has recently started to enjoy beef, raw carrots, macaroni cheese, chicken pies and her new favourite, ice cream. 
  • Lily can now drink from a cup with out spilling. 
  • She no longer has her highchair and sits at the table to eat (most days) 
  • Lily still wont eat sweets, which really pleases me! 
  • Lily is now potty trained
  • Lily will sometimes want to sit on the 'big toilet' 
  • Lily is starting to learn to dress herself. She can pull on her knickers, pants, and a cardigan but struggles to put on a top yet. 
  • Lily can put on her own welly boots, slippers and some pairs of shoes. 
  • Lily no longer has her dummy in the daytime, in the morning she says "don't need it now" and puts it in her fairy box.
  • Lily sometimes sleeps through the night, but not often. 
  • She gets herself into bed and says "goodnight" and "morning time" which to her is her way of saying see you in the morning. 
  • In the morning she gets up and shouts "MORNING TIME" at the top of her voice.
  • Her speech is getting better and she knows a range of words. She attempts to say "love you". 
  • She has started to form sentences. 
  • Lily has now started Nursery one day a week.
  • Lily can now count to 10.
  • Lily recognises the numbers 1, 2 and 4.
  • Lily knows all her colours, even brown, black and white. 
  • Lily knows things like up and down, in and out, dark and light etc. 
  • Lily can now draw people, she knows where to put the eyes, nose, mouth, hair and arms and legs.
  • Lily knows most animals now, she loves her 3 cats we have at home. 
  • Lily is really good at jigsaws and can complete them on her own now
  • Lily is terrified of insects and flies, she runs away shouting "its going to eat me"
  • Lily's new favourite show is Ben and Holly, she has started to love Paw patrol too.
  • Lily has really good manners and uses please and thank you a lot with out being asked. 
  • Lily no longer naps.
  • She hates bath time and have a tantrum each time she has to have one.  
  • Lily can climb up steps of an outdoor slide.
  • Her favourite game is hide and seek, she only gives us 4 seconds to hide though.
  • Lily still gets called HE. 
  • Lily now loves sand and asks to go to the seaside all the time.
  • She will call a lot of things "cute" 
As usual there are probably so many little pointers that I have missed as she really has changed so much in the last 6 months. But in another 6 months it will be great to look back at this and see the difference.

As usual when I celebrate Lily becoming a certain age I do a competition to say thank you to my readers for following for the last 6 months. This month I wasn't quite ready for it and the date suddenly struck me that she was 2 and a half but I have dug out a little prize for you to enter for.

Enter below to win this Bing figure Set 

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  1. We'll done to Lily for her potty training adventure - the my carry potty and sticker/reward charts worked do well
    HAPPY 2 and a half to lily

  2. lol I had to laugh about the bit where her favourite game is hide n seek ... and she gives u 4 seconds to hide well that doesn't give u much hiding spaces to run to unless u have a towel or blanket to hand to quickly throw over your head lol HidenSeek is fun

  3. Awww show lily a ladybird some bugs are beautiful i'm sure she will get over her fear then xx

  4. Lily is not alone - I too hate insects and flies.

  5. Haha she sounds like great fun, I hate insects too!

  6. Lily has really good manners and uses please and thank you a lot with out being asked - one of the best things a parent can do is to bring their children up to be polite :)

  7. Sounds like you have a lovely little girl, you should be very proud

  8. She sounds lovely, well done on the potty training. A brilliant achievement at her age. My daughter was 2 in March and i sat her on a potty for the first time a few days ago. It did not go well.

  9. Happy Birthday Lily, Hide and seek is one of our favourite games too!

  10. The cute thing I smiled at because my niece is the same age and when she comes over she chases my cat around the house! When she caught up with her in the conservatory once, she hugged her and said, "Awwww I love her, she's soo cuuuuttteee"

  11. Absolutely love paw patrol :)

  12. Surprised to read Lily doesn't like bath time, mine used to have a paddy when they had to come out of the bath.

  13. Lily loves jigsaws.Thats great Lily and my son loves them too and it helps with recognition and hand,eye co-ordination

  14. Its amazing when they start to say I love you!

  15. I read all your posts about Lily; she is such an amazing girl, she has gone from being rather reserved to beaming with smiles. Especially well done to her on her Nursery day and going into the water.

  16. Lily is the same age as my Harry and he also loves playing hide and seek

  17. They are so cute at this age 4 seconds lol. My little Grandson likes hide and seek he doesn't hide out of the way though he crouches in front of something . I have to pretend I've not seen him

  18. love the ability to use her manners - its so rare nowadays!

  19. Lily can put on her own welly boots...Well Done! Nice that Lily is becoming more independent in dressing and caring for herself. Wonder how she reacts when at Nursery in regards to shoes, etc. Is she keen to help others, who may struggle at times? Does she chat to you about her time at Nursery, friendships etc?

    Rachel Craig

  20. Happy birthday! I love a good game of hide and seek too.

  21. Can coun to 10 already, what a bright little girl Lily is and pretty too.

  22. She still won't eat sweets! Well done you