Thursday, 9 March 2017

My Photography Post - March

As well as working hard being a mummy to Lily, one of the other things I do is photography. I shoot lots of different things, fashion, weddings, photo journalism, though at the moment not getting much time to shoot. 

To keep my head in photography I have decided to do a blog post a month all about my photography, you can see February's post here

So here is my Photography post for March. As you know I have been moving house so I've definitely not had any time to do any photography. I will be planning to get some nice photographs done soon ready for next month. I'm really determined to get shooting more.  

So for this months post I'm going to show my published work. I have been really lucky in my fashion photography career to get published in printed and online magazines. My best would be the work I got published in Vogue online and Glamour Magazine online. You can see the Vogue screen shot below. 
I also used to shoot a lot of London Fashion Week catwalks, these got me published quite a lot. 

So below is a selection of some of my published work, Hope you enjoy looking at it. 

Vogue Online

London Fashion Week

Julian Hakes Shoes

LookBook Shoots and Editorials


  1. Jodie Thompson9 March 2017 at 17:35

    Wow! Beautiful work :)

  2. Wow you have a great talent x

  3. Great work. Well Done! I had noticed on your blog :- Photographs of Quality. Was not aware you had Photography Career. Best Wishes!

    Rachel Craig

  4. That looks really great! I wish I'd have had time in my early years to take up photography, but there's only so many hobbies you can do!

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  6. Seems like you have a nice portfolio of your photography work.

    Rachel Craig

  7. oh wow! Congratulations! stunning photographs!