Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tactic Games TY Puzzles and Games Review

We visited Tactic Games at the Toy Fair and saw a great range of games and puzzles. One range that Tactic Games does is a selection of games and puzzles with ty who are a maker of cute little collectable beanie teddies. The games and puzzles really attracted Lily because of the cute little teddies and so we were sent a game and puzzle to review. 

We were sent a Bingo game and a Giant Puzzle. 

We decided to play the Bingo game first. 

The game is aimed to children 3+ but Lily is really enjoying her games at the moment and so I thought that she would probably be able to play this one at 2 years old. 
The set comes with 4 bingo boards and lots of bingo pieces to place on the bingo cards. They are so colourful and the little ty pictures are so cute. Lily really loves how cute they are and also that they are animals she recognises like a cat and an owl. Each of the pictures have a teddy on them and then a colour in the background. There may be more than 1 of the same animal teddy, but it would have a different coloured background. For example an owl in purple and an owl in yellow. 

The game can be played with 2 to 4 players. If there are 2 players you can have 2 cards each. You then place all the little pieces facing down on the table and take it in turns to pick one up. When you pick up the card you need to match the colour and picture to the ones on your bingo card. If you don't have that piece then you place it back down. The first player to match all their pieces to their bingo card is the winner. 

Lily did quite well with the game and we managed one round with it. The game is great for teaching her about taking turns and waiting for her turn. She did well with matching up the pictures to the board but she didn't understand that she also had to match the colour. This is something she will perhaps grasp when she gets a little older. She also got slightly frustrated with the small cards moving around on the board as she is slightly heavy handed yet and her aim to get it on the picture isn't perfect but this game is great for helping her hand and eye co-ordination as she practices placing the pieces down.

As well as the game being great fun, it also helps teach children with - 

  • Patience 
  • Hand and Eye co-ordination
  • Colour recognition
  • Matching skills 
  • Memory Skills
We then tried the Giant Puzzle. Lily loves her puzzles but she has never done a puzzle to this size before. I was curious to see how she would do with it. The puzzle pieces are so colourful and are a really nice size and thickness. There are 35 pieces in total. 

I definetly had to help Lily with matching the pieces up. The picture on this puzzle is so crazy with so many different patterns and colours that it was tricky for her to find the right pieces. But it did mean that it was a really nice activity for me and Lily to sit down and do toggether. I would find her the pieces and she would push them toggether. The pieces were a really nice size for her to get a grip off and really easy for her to push toggether which was great. Lily happily sat and did the entire jigsaw and then after wanted to do it again. Also as soon as Daddy came home she took it to him to do with her so they got some nice time toggether to. This puzzle is a really nice one to do as a family and gives you a good opportunity to spend some valued time toggether. 
After the puzzle has been completed it looks amazing. So colourful and Lily loves all the cute animals on it.
The puzzle is great for -
  • Hand and Eye Co-ordination
  • Recognising patterns 
  • Fine Motor Skills

These from Tactic Games are such a good choice for a puzzle or game and they also have more in the ty range. You can head to the Tactic Games website to see more. 

Does your child like games and puzzles? What do you think about these 2 from Tactic Games? 


  1. Knew TY did soft toys. Game and jigsaw look good.

    Rachel Craig

  2. It's a great way to learn andvhavecfun too

  3. We've had to put all the puzzles away since my youngest one tends to eat everything in sight :(

  4. Love TY!! Didn't know they did puzzles and games, really need to check these out!

  5. I always try to buy toys and games with an educational or skill element to them! These look great!

  6. Bingo a fun game.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Great review! Love beanie boo's and these games look really wonderful. Love the bingo one x :D

  8. Great review x thanks for sharing x

  9. Worthwhile to have a selection of games and jigsaws available for children.

    Rachel Craig

  10. These are cute! my girls have loads of these teddies

  11. Delightful jigsaw.

    Rachel Craig