Saturday, 5 November 2016

Our Bonfire Night Themed Art

Happy Bonfire Night. 

I Love Bonfire night. Fire works, A Roaring Fire, Toffee Apples a fun fair! Its all great fun.

I have great memories of when I was little and on bonfire night we would go round to my Grandad's house and he would light a bonfire in the garden and we would set fireworks off. 

I haven't celebrated Bonfire night for the last 2 years though. The first year I was pregnant and Lily was due to come on the 7th. I wasn't taking any chances of giving birth in a field at the first bang of a firework. The next year Lily was only 11 months old, and I didn't think she would enjoy it yet. To scary for her. 

This year I feel the same way. Lily isn't a big fan of loud noises and so I think she would be scared of the fireworks. So Maybe next year we shall head out and go and see a firework display. But I know that from the car park of where we live you can see some in the distance so maybe we shall go and watch them from a distance. 

I wasn't going to let Bonfire night go this year without doing something though and so I thought we would do some Bonfire Night themed art. 

First we did a Firework Picture. 

We got some colourful paint, a star sponge stamp, and some dark blue paper. We also used a toothbrush for this activity. 

First we got yellow paint and made some stars at the top of the paper. These could be seen as the stars in the sky, but also fireworks sometimes give out a star shape when they explode to. 

Next we put all the other colours of paint onto the plate and then we dipped out toothbrush into it and splashed it onto the paper. Very Messy But great fun! Took Lily a few goes to understand how to do this, to begin with she was wiping the toothbrush onto the paper but then she realised she could make marks by splattering. 

Our Finished results looked like this. 

We then did a Bonfire Inspired picture. I let Lily have a little more control over how she painted with this one. She used the sponge to make some splodges and then the paintbrush to paint on the paper. I helped get the colours to a orangy red colour. She actually managed to create a fire shape herself, I don't think she is old enough to do this intentionally but I think its great that she did it. 

These are 2 pieces of art works I will definetly be treasuring. 

What will you be doing for bonfire night? 


  1. Quite the little artist
    They are beautiful

  2. Aww! What fantastic fun! You have a wonderful artist there :)

  3. great action pictures -I can feel the warmth off Lilys Bonfire!

  4. Aww! How adorable!! So lovely, bright and colourful ��

  5. Thank goodness for wooden floors my carpets were ruined with the cat and my toddler

  6. Thank goodness for wooden floors my carpets were ruined with the cat and my toddler

  7. Brilliant idea. I will have to try this with my daughter, in the kitchen on the vinyl flooring lol.x

  8. This looks so much & a brilliant idea! Would like to try this with Sophie next year.

  9. Fab and Lily looks like she really enjoyed it x

  10. Great work. We did something similar last year. Lots of fun 😀