Monday, 4 July 2016

Monthly Book Roundup - What we have been reading in June

Each month I'm going to be doing a round up of the new books we have read over the month. I Love reading to Lily and I read to her every night before bed. We have a lot of books and I could easily read new ones to her every night but I find the repetition of them being the same books really help to relax her and doesn't get her to excited. That being said it would drive me even more insane to read the same books for a entire year and so I plan to try to introduce at least four new books into our bedtime reading each month.

I've now created a link so you can see the past monthly round ups. You can see them here

This month due to having Fathers Day, I decided to read Dad themed books. I managed to own one or two already and also I went out and bought a few to. So this month we have had 5 new books instead of 4. 

Here are the ones we have been reading. 

1. My Dad Is Brilliant  - By Nick Butterworth
This has been my least favourite of the bunch that we have been reading this month. I found it a little boring to read. The story is a little similar to the other book I have called My Dad. Its a story all about what dad can do that makes him brilliant, only I found the sentences a little simple and felt it needed something else to make it a little more interesting to read. That being said, Lily has happily let me read it to her each night. Its short, and simple and so perhaps great for children learning to read themselves. I picked this book up at The Works. 

2. My Dad will do - By Martin Thomas
When I started reading this book, I wasn't to sure. The paragraphs mostly rhyme but then there is one or two that don't and so when reading it out loud, that factor threw me off a little bit. But after reading it many many times I started to be able to read it a lot easier. The story is a very sweet story featuring a child elephant and a daddy elephant. Its spoken by the child elephant talking about all the things he can't do yet, but how its okay because he has his dad there to help him. The images in this book are lovely and shows a real father and child bond. Perfect for Fathers day. I won this book on a Toppsta Giveaway. 

3. Dustbin Dad - by Peter Bently
This has been my favourite to read this month. Its a really humorous story of a dad that will eat pretty much anything, and accidentally eats the cats medicine and turns into a cat himself. Its got a brilliant rhyme to it, but you need to make sure you read everything. Even the little bubbles of writing as they are all part of the story and if you miss them out, it doesn't rhyme anymore. This is one story that I can't get bored of reading because the story line is just so great. It actually reminds me of my dad when I was younger as he used to always be a dustbin dad and eat anything we left over. It has brilliant cartoon illustrations and it isn't to long or to short. I think its a great book for any child from 18 months to an older child who can read it by them selves. I picked this book up at the works in a 3 for £5 deal and I really recommend heading out and buying it. 

4. My Dad - By Anthony Browne 
This book I spoke about a few months ago when I spoke about Lily's favourite books. It still is one of Lily's favourites and so only right that we read it for the month of fathers day. The book is very similar to My Dad is Brilliant, only its a lot better.  It has extra lines in like "he's alright my dad" and some of the things he does are a little more exciting, for example "He can swim like a fish". The images in it are great. It shows a dad in a dressing gown doing all these things and so when he is "wise as an owl," instead of the dad being stood there, its a owl in dads Pyjamas. Great story for a child to be able to relate to their own dad and also have a little laugh at some of the images. We got this book from Waterstones. 

5. I Love you Daddy - By Igloo Books
This story is so heartwarming. It shows the love and bond between a baby bear and Daddy bear. A lovely little hardboard book with a beautiful rhyming story and beautiful images. Its a really nice one to snuggle up and read at night time. I find that it is a really calm story, definitely great for bedtime stories. Its also really nice to have one that says Daddy instead of Dad because Lily calls my partner Daddy and not Dad yet. I picked this one up at The Works again for £3. Can't beat a bargain like that. 

Which book do you like the sound of? 


  1. Dustbin Dad sounds fun!

    Kirsty Fox

  2. Dustbin dad -like books that are funny
    Glad lily still likes it too

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  4. Dustbin Dad sounds awesome! I love reading humorous books and definitely have a soft spot for ones that rhyme. Love The Works for new books, always cheap as chips!

  5. Childrens books are so much more appealing than adults, who doesn't love pictures and bright front covers!

  6. I love how adventurous Dustbin Dad sounds. This is such a sweet collection of dad-related books. I think The Book People are still having a flash sale so you might be able to grab more books for Lily! :)

  7. I love "I love you daddy" It's such a sad/sweet story! I work with 7 year olds and even they love this, even though it's a younger demographic. Brilliant picks!

  8. It's lovely you read to her every night. Dustbin Dad sounds so funny, reminds me of my dad eating all the leftovers still to this day haha. x

  9. Aww I really love My Dad is Brilliant! The Dustbin Dad books looks amazing though, I love the illustrations! I try really hard to read atleast one book to my little ones every night :)

  10. Love Nick Butterworth. My Joe loved that book when he was little, I still do!

  11. These books sound great for kids. I love the bright, inviting covers.

  12. These look so great - we love Nick Butterworth too. Pickle loves books and has at least three bedtime stories. Kaz x

  13. Sound like some fantastic books for kids! They'll be great little readers! :D

  14. I love you Daddy! I think I remember reading this one when I was young!

  15. My Dad Will Do, sounds nice.

    Rachel Craig