Thursday, 25 February 2016

Household Object Painting Number 1

We all go to the shops and buy paint brushes, stamps, sponges. But who would of thought some of the best painting tools could be found around the house.

Me and Lily plan to start using different items one by one to see what funky patterns we can make. 

Todays object is one we all have, and all seem to let build up in our bathroom. 

The Toilet Roll!

All you need is a toilet roll or two, paint, and paper. 

I squeezed four primary colours into a bowl and let Lily do the rest of the work. 

The colours all mix up nicely and made it multicoloured. 

The toilet roll makes nice circle shapes if printed onto paper and also can be dragged along the paper to create a swish look. 

Lily loved painting this way though mostly did swishing. 

Here are Lily's results! 

I did another example for you of how effective the circles can be without the swishing which could probably be done by a child older than Lily. 

So if your stuck in and looking for something interesting to paint with, don't head to the shops, head to your bathroom and pick up a toilet roll. 

Would love to know how your little learners got on with this activity. 


  1. What an original idea, must bear it in mind for when my granddaughter comes over.

  2. Aww, was just having a nosey and saw this post. Was going to do this activity on my FB page as we have a whole bag of them ready to be recycled haha. It's a great activity isn't it! Love recycling things for crafts :D

  3. Nice little project for my nephew and myself lily did great

  4. Brilliant idea, I've used a toilet roll to be painted before but never to paint with.

  5. Unusual idea, yet very effective. I can recall sharing a flat with a few other girls. One of my flat mates had a friend who worked in a private nursery, we used to collect some household items e.g. Empty toilet rolls etc. I thought they were used for crafts, maybe they used them for such artwork. Well Done!

    Rachel Craig

  6. Brilliant, will be trying this this week as it's now half term here and my kids are getting restless!

  7. These are fab ideas, especially for a rainy day

  8. Great idea :) I'm storing it away for the school break :)

  9. love the top picture Lily did looks like a person moving in slow motion like the Matrix where he bends backwards lol

  10. Looks like fun. It's always the simple things kids love the most

  11. My daughter Megan is 5 and collects these every time there is an empty one, I usually sneak them out of her bedroom and into recycling bin but will have to do these with her, we used to colour them and she pretended they were bandages for her arms but her arms are to big now but she would love this xXx

  12. We could actually build a house with all the toilet rolls we use in our house x